We believe that integration is the most important part of the airport.

Ömer Güçlü, Airport Systems Integration Manager, Istanbul Grand Airport

Business Challenge

Istanbul Grand Airport is the largest airport in the world, opening in October 2018. Everything about the airport is massive in scale to accommodate the planned 200 million passengers per year.  Many new and innovative passenger services were required for the airport, and the project was delivered on-time and on-budget.  It required a smooth transition from the existing Istanbul Ataturk Airport, which has ceased operation of passenger flights. The transition plan would require both new application deployment and integration with legacy systems, with ultra-high availability required throughout.


Ömer Güçlü is the Airport Systems Integration Manager for the Istanbul Grand Airport.  IBM Hybrid Cloud Integration was an important element of the technology architecture at IGA, making extensive use of API-based solutions for many new operations and services required at the airport.  Application integration was also vital to preserve functions provided by legacy systems that will be modernized over time.

Solution Category

  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • Solution Components

    • App Connect Enterprise