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With a growing portfolio of enterprise mobile apps to manage, ISS needed to simplify the deployment, management and protection of its apps and mobile devices.


Working with IBM and Atea, ISS deployed an enterprise mobility management platform that simplifies management of the company’s mobile devices and apps, and helps staff better safeguard mobile devices.


Saves time

and reduces costs for both ISS and its customers

Helps company safeguard

mobile devices


user productivity with 80% of device usage now for business activities vs. calls

Business challenge story

Simplifying management of mobile apps and devices

The ISS workforce is both highly global and very mobile, and ISS mobile apps enable employees to quickly access assignment details, input work status, and submit time and billing information while they’re at a customer facility. In fact, the launch of these mobile apps more than a year ago was viewed as an important productivity tool to help streamline processes and reduce costs.

“Our mobile apps gives our staff more time to focus on service, which ultimately helps them complete tasks faster and save our customers money,” says Birgit Fagerholt, senior program manager, ISS.

Initially when ISS launched its mobile apps for employees, Fagerholt and her team managed app deployment and updates manually. However, they found this approach time-consuming and not easily scalable to support a growing portfolio of mobile apps.

“We had to add apps manually to each phone and, as we have thousands of phones, it’s a huge job,” says Fagerholt. “When we had updates, we had no way to push out the updates, so we had to mail individual instructions on how to update the apps. It could take weeks to make sure that all the employees had the latest update.”

Employees also were frustrated by the process. “Often, employees didn’t know when they were running on an older version of an app, and would get errors because of this,” she adds.  

MaaS360 makes our job a lot easier. It saves us a lot of time, and time is money.

—Birgit Fagerholt,Senior Program Manager,ISS

Transformation story

Gaining greater visibility and control over mobile devices and apps

Working with IBM Business Partner, Atea, ISS replaced its manual processes with an enterprise mobility management platform from IBM that helps simplify deployment, management and protection of thousands of the company’s mobile devices and apps.

“Atea very quickly understood ISS as a company, and the complexities that we were facing,” says Fagerholt. “That was very important to us. They also were partnering with IBM, which I’m very pleased to work with, because they can match us on the global level, and they also understood the challenges that we face daily.”

Working with IBM and Atea, Fagerholt’s team gained greater visibility and control over the company’s mobile devices and apps. IBM MaaS360 not only helps staff easily provision and update apps to both Android and iOS devices, but also apply security policies based on employee roles. Additionally, when employees leave the company, the team can easily confirm they turn in their mobile devices.

“With MaaS360, we can view and control our mobile devices and easily push out apps to different types of devices,” says Fagerholt. “We can very quickly and easily see how many of our devices have the latest updates. When an employee is no longer working with ISS, we can make sure that we actually get the devices back.”

Scalability was also an important factor for this global company.

“We wanted a solution that could grow with us,” she says. “MaaS360 was very easy to set up, and now, we can just put in an update and push it out to the phone and it’s done. It’s been good for the business and I’m getting extremely good feedback for the employees.”


MaaS360 is helping us grow the business. We’re able to increase the development of apps that help employees do things faster and better.

—Birgit Fagerholt,Senior Program Manager,ISS

Results story

Reducing costs while better protecting mobile devices

The company’s enterprise mobility program has had a significant impact on employee productivity, which ultimately helps reduce costs for ISS customers.

“Before, 80 percent of the time employees used the phone to make phone calls,” says Fagerholt. “But now, 80 percent of the phone is used to perform an activity—for example, register their hours, register a task, track what parts are used. That directly impacts our bottom line and saves our customers money.”

And improved mobility management has helped Fagerholt’s team more effectively manage the company’s mobile devices and apps.

“MaaS360 makes our job a lot easier,” says Fagerholt. “It saves us a lot of time, and time is money. We also get happier employees because they don’t have to think about updates. We just do it for them.”

Ultimately, Fagerholt says, the ability to better safeguard its mobile devices and apps is important to the company’s continued growth.

“MaaS360 is helping us grow the business,” she says. “We’re able to increase the development of apps that help employees do things faster and better.”  

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Headquartered in Copenhagen, ISS is a global provider of facility services, including catering, property, security, cleaning and support services. ISS services more than 200,000 customers worldwide, representing more than 50 million square meters of facility space.

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