The hybrid cloud and edge computing can be used to scale the deployment of AI workloads to the edge while having centralized management.

Christine Ouyang, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor, IBM Systems CTO Office

Business Challenge

AI-powered applications can help automate the visual inspection of components on the assembly line. But when a manufacturer has thousands or even hundreds of thousands of inspection stations operating at the network edge, deploying and managing the AI models poses significant problems in scalability and IT management.



IBM Systems Manufacturing solved the problems using IBM Hybrid Cloud technology and IBM Edge Application Manager software. The solution enables IT administrators to scale and deploy visual inspection models to edge devices across the enterprise, thus providing the best of both worlds: real-time insights from AI applications processing data at the network edge combined with centralized management of the enterprise AI environment.

Solution Category

  • Internet of Things
  • Red Hat
  • Cloud
  • AI/Watson