We demand our customer facing apps to be available all the time, running all the time, and WebSphere Application Server is the tool, is the environment, that allows us to do that.

Larry Fernandez, Principal Applications Administrator, Amway Corporation

Business Challenge story

The applications that Amway relies on to support its customers are constantly changing. Plus, the business operates in more than 100 countries, which means different regulations and needs for each country. Amway needed a platform that would enable it to deliver continuous uptime for its key customer-facing applications.


Amway relies on IBM WebSphere Application Server software to support its mission-critical customer applications. The WebSphere Application Server software is designed to be flexible, so it can accommodate the dynamic, changing environment at Amway.


Using the WebSphere Application Server software, Amway is able to accommodate massive fluctuations in its server usage. The business can handle end-of-month and end-of-year loads with all of its applications running smoothly and with no disruptions to its business.

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    • WebSphere Application Server