Business challenge

InsideOut needed to align its email marketing and lead generation processes, had no ability to send targeted emails and had a lack of insight into quality of leads


By implementing a lead scoring model that integrates with, InsideOut’s inside sales team now has a simple way to see which leads have a higher score


6X increase

in effective rate

33% increase

in workshop registrations

66% increase

in deliverability rates

Business challenge story

The Challenges

As a company that trains others on how to best operate in the business world, having a well-running sales and marketing department is a necessity. This includes making sure email marketing and lead generation processes are properly aligned.<br><br>InsideOut knew they were not sending the most targeted messages to their audience of executive leaders, HR managers, corporate directors, and previous clients because they did not have the capability to segment their data and easily target their message accordingly. Because of this data disconnect, executing marketing emails was a manual, time-consuming process that didn’t yield the necessary conversions. The data that came from each email was difficult to translate to their inside sales team, making the leads generated from each email less valuable.<br><br>After moving to as their CRM provider, InsideOut chose to search for a new email and marketing automation platform. InsideOut then chose IBM Marketing Cloud because of its Programs and lead scoring functionality, seamless integration with, and strong deliverability reputation. During the on-boarding process, InsideOut completed their data integration and start using IBM Marketing Cloud for their marketing campaigns focused on promoting their educational workshops held in major cities across the United States. In 2011, InsideOut offered 52 total workshops.<br><br>

“We’ve seen a huge boost in new client partnerships and revenue. Thank you, IBM Marketing Cloud!”

—Jacques Bazinet, VP of Corporate Development and Marketing, InsideOut Development

“Through our IBM Marketing Cloud integration with, we are getting to know our customers better, and are spending more time with the right people. Prior to IBM Marketing Cloud, we did not have that insight.”

—Jacques Bazinet, VP of Corporate Development and Marketing, InsideOut Development

Transformation story

The Solution

Working with IBM Marketing Cloud’s Programs functionality made it easy for InsideOut to create automated campaigns. One example of a successful initiative include sending up to four automated messages targeting previous workshop attendees, their most profitable target audience. With the freedom to quickly setup and execute Programs focused on highly-specific audiences, each individual receives a properly targeted message at the right time.<br><br>By implementing a lead scoring model that integrates with, InsideOut’s inside sales team now has a simple way to see which leads have a higher score, enabling each salesperson to dedicate his or her time to leads that have a higher close rate probability. The sales team also appreciates not having to search through several spreadsheets to find this information, as everything is easily located within their view in<br><br>

Results story

The Results

By having their sales and marketing department operating on a single marketing platform that integrates with, InsideOut has been able to save time, prioritize leads, and increase their email effective rate, leading to a 33 percent increase in workshop registrations. As an added bonus, they also saw a 66 percent increase in their email deliverability. They attribute this success to IBM Marketing Cloud’s strong deliverability reputation, as well as being able to correctly target their audience, and then message accordingly, via IBM Marketing Cloud.<br><br>IBM Marketing Cloud, part of the IBM Marketing Solutions portfolio, powers the delivery of exceptional experiences for customers across the buyer journey by leveraging customer data and behaviors, providing analytical insights and automating relevant cross-channel interactions. The cloud-based digital marketing platform provides email marketing, lead management and mobile engagement functionality to inform and drive personalized interactions in real time.<br><br>To find out more, please contact us at 1-866-745-8767 or +44 20 7202 5930 and visit<br><br>

About InsideOut

InsideOut Development is a professional services firm that provides leadership, management, and front-line employee training workshops to business leaders and Fortune 500 companies.

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