The best way that DevOps really helps customers from a business sense is, it allows them to be dynamic...Instead of taking 18 months to deliver that product, they can do it in three months or even one month.

Joe Meagher, Technical Consultant, 321 Gang, Inc.

Business Challenge story

The biggest roadblock for any company seeking to build a foundation for continuous product improvement is the ability to automate development and deployment processes.


321 Gang applies a range of IBM DevOps solutions to help customers implement continuous engineering practices and automate even unique and complex development processes.


The IBM DevOps tools allow a business to streamline delivery of specific functionalities to internal or external customers, shortening time to market by 90 percent or more, leading to higher revenue and higher market share.

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud
  • Middleware
  • Solution Components

    • Requirements Management
    • Test Management
    • UrbanCode
    • UrbanCode
    • Workflow Management