Business challenge

Growing rapidly through corporate acquisitions, HSIL Limited must ensure that everyone in the business can work together seamlessly—whether they’re based in an office or on the manufacturing floor.


HSIL Limited is enhancing its IBM Domino® email platform by deploying IBM Verse, delivering security-rich, future-ready collaboration capabilities online and on mobile.



employees to collaborate instantly across organizational boundaries


up to a 100% increase in employee headcount cost-effectively


HSIL Limited to continue its fast-paced acquisitive growth

Business challenge story

Connecting employees everywhere

Founded in 1960, HSIL Limited has grown into one of the best-known manufacturers of bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories in India. To drive continued growth, the company has embarked on an ambitious 2020 strategy to expand its offering into additional bathroom-suite products.

Mr. Srikanth, IT Head Administrator at HSIL Limited, explains: “Our goal is to deliver complete solutions for bathroom suites—from the ceramic and glass fixtures on display to the pipes and fittings hidden from view. To help us reach our 2020 objective and provide complete home solutions, we are moving ahead with a fast-paced program of acquisitions.”

Given that some of its products have long lead times, it is crucial for HSIL Limited’s managers to make well-informed planning decisions.

“Our business runs on data, and in the IT department one of our primary goals is to connect decision-makers working in our offices with employees working on the factory floor,” continues Mr. Srikanth. “This kind of effective collaboration is extremely important, because it enables us to optimize our manufacturing schedules based on predicted demand in the market—helping to ensure that we always have the right products in stock to capitalize on sales opportunities.”

With its population of 1,000 employees set to double as its expansion effort gained pace, HSIL Limited needed to help employees at newly-acquired manufacturing sites work together effectively with decision-makers at its offices.

“Whenever we onboard a new manufacturing company, we must incorporate their employees and operations into our business as quickly and efficiently as we can,” says Mr. Srikanth. “Collaboration platforms such as email play a big role in that process. To achieve our 2020 goal, it’s essential that the organization has the tools they need work together smoothly.”

With IBM Verse, we’ll be able to help hundreds of new users get started with enterprise-class collaboration tools in an extremely short space of time.

Mr Srikanth, IT Head Administrator, HSIL Limited

Transformation story

Building a social business with IBM

For many years, HSIL Limited has relied on IBM Notes®, IBM Notes Traveler and IBM Domino solutions to deliver email services to its employees at offices and manufacturing locations across India. To support its 2020 goal, the company decided to renew its commitment to the platform by rolling out IBM Verse—an analytics-based communications and collaboration platform.

“Before we chose IBM Notes and Domino, we used a heterogeneous email environment based on small servers scattered across the organization,” recalls Mr. Srikanth. “As well as increasing the risk of unplanned downtime, this decentralized approach to collaboration lacked the security and scalability to support our growth in the longer term. IBM offered us the enterprise-class platform we needed to prepare our business for the demands of digital business.”

In the years following its migration to IBM Domino, HSIL Limited leveraged the platform to develop rich applications connected to its systems of record.

“One of the things we really appreciate about IBM Domino is how easy it is to create digital workflows,” adds Mr. Srikanth. “For example, one of the first IBM Domino applications we designed was a system that automatically converts invoices from our ERP system into PDF documents, then emails them to the relevant internal accounts teams for processing. This workflow cuts down the manual work in our Accounts-Receivable process substantially—and today, our teams can’t imagine life without it.”

He continues: “We also use IBM Domino applications as a presentation layer for many of our end-of-day analytics reports. These dashboards offer our decision-makers fast access to the information they need to steer the business effectively.”

Today, the company is building on its success with the IBM platform by deploying IBM Verse to users across the business.

“In the years since we’ve been working with IBM, we’ve seen that the speed of business is increasing: today, our people expect the ability to connect with their colleagues in minutes, not hours,” says Mr. Srikanth. “One of the features of IBM Verse that impresses us most is the way it combines an intuitive email client with social business tools such as instant messaging and file-sharing.

“Better still, the IBM Verse solution is accessible via desktop browsers as well as iOS and Android mobile devices, which means we don’t have to spend as much time pushing out updates and patches to our email clients. And crucially, the platform is highly scalable, which means we don’t have to worry about new employees waiting long periods to get a corporate email account.”

Results story

Effective collaboration drives growth

With IBM collaboration solutions driving its business, HSIL Limited is gaining the scalability it needs to continue to grow its business effectively.

“Without a doubt, IBM Verse will make it easier than ever to onboard employees whenever we make an acquisition,” explains Mr. Srikanth. “From the IT-administration perspective, provisioning and deprovisioning accounts continues to be a fast and straightforward process. And from the user’s perspective, getting started with IBM Verse is extremely intuitive. In fact, the vast majority of our users have required no additional training on the platform. With IBM Verse, we’ll be able to help hundreds of new users get started with enterprise-class collaboration tools in an extremely short space of time.”

HSIL Limited has already transitioned many of its office-based employees to the IBM Verse platform, and is preparing to migrate its mobile users from IBM Notes Traveler to the IBM Verse mobile app.

Mr. Srikanth comments: “Our executives and decision-makers are always on the move, and rely heavily on email on their mobiles to stay connected. It rarely happens, but whenever we need to take our IBM Notes Traveler server down for maintenance, our managing director is always the first to call me and ask when it will be back online. We are sure that our executive team will appreciate the new capabilities that moving to IBM Verse mobile app offers—particularly the way it intelligently surfaces the messages and contacts they are likely to need at key points in their working days.”

Looking ahead, HSIL Limited is confident that it has the robust foundation it needs to help its growing business work together cohesively. And with the announcement of IBM Domino 2025, the company has the peace of mind that IBM is committed to the long-term support and development of the platform.

“When your business is expanding quickly, staying connected with your colleagues across the organization becomes more important than ever,” concludes Mr. Srikanth. “Thanks to our IBM collaboration solutions, we can manage our operations effectively as we drive toward our 2020 growth goal.”

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About HSIL Limited

Founded in 1960 and headquartered in Gurgaon, India, HSIL Limited manufactures bathroom products, such as faucets, toilets, sinks, urinals, shower heads and other bathroom accessories. Distributing across the length and breadth of the country, HSIL Limited is supported by over 1,400 direct dealers and 12,000 sub-dealers in India.

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