Cognitive computing can take the most relevant bits of information in context of a problem someone has today and generate assistance that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise get.

Chad Kartchner, Product Development & Marketing Professional, Honeywell Aerospace

Business Challenge story

Honeywell Aerospace needed a mobile offering to help transform aircraft maintenance by making it faster, connected and more intelligent. To meet its needs, it sought a new cloud solution.


Honeywell Aerospace implemented the IBM Retrieve and Rank service through the IBM Watson Developer Cloud to improve cognitive computing by using the most relevant information to solve contextual issues. Specifically, mechanics can utilize this information and share it with each other when performing aircraft maintenance to solve issues some may have not encountered. The Retrieve and Rank service also retains millions of documents that users can search for and quickly gain knowledge from. In addition, the Retrieve and Rank service helps the client onboard new employees quicker by supporting its model- and case-based approaches to aircraft troubleshooting with knowledge from the new solution. This allows users to quickly pinpoint issues and symptoms.


By implementing the IBM Retrieve and Rank service through the IBM Watson Developer Cloud, Honeywell Aerospace improved user efficiency when troubleshooting issues. The client also expects to reduce the time needed to solve contextual issues using the knowledgebase of the new solution. For commercial airlines, the company expects to reduce the risk of missing a flight connection or having a connection get canceled, along assisting executives to arrive on time to meetings. Last, the client expects to improve the quality and the safety of aircraft travel and maintenance.


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