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To keep business running as usual, companies need rapid access to their data at all times. How could HPS build extra layers of protection into its cloud services offering without adding complexity?


HPS enables rapid, reliable restore of data at any time by backing up its physical and virtual client environments with IBM technology, using a managed solution delivered by Cristie Nordic.



saving on total cost of ownership for backup solution, enabling competitive pricing


greater service continuity for enhanced client satisfaction


a basis for a backup-as-a-service offering, helping HPS reach new customers

Business challenge story

Evolving strategy

One of the key decisions that companies face today is whether to invest in the in-house IT skills and infrastructure required to support their businesses, or outsource it to the experts. Increasing numbers of enterprises are choosing to step into the cloud to enjoy a host of benefits, including greater flexibility and scalability, helping cloud services providers flourish.

Swedish IT company HPS was ahead of the game, as Mats Wrangö, Operations Manager, explains: “A few years ago, we recognized that cloud services were going to be huge, and adjusted our strategy accordingly. We switched our focus away from IT consultancy to putting our expertise to work in building and managing the best possible infrastructure for customers.”

HPS delivers a comprehensive cloud services offering, with customers outsourcing their entire IT departments to the company. As a result, any interruptions to services could have major consequences, and even lose HPS business.

“Our clients depend on us to provide reliable, rapid access to their data at all times,” comments Mats Wrangö. “If our systems did go down and we could not restore client data, the results could be catastrophic, and so backups are one of our absolute business essentials.

“Previously, we relied on two separate solutions to back up physical and virtual server environments,” he continues. “We saw a chance to simplify our operations and reduce business risk by finding a single, powerful solution to protect all client data.”

In choosing the IBM and Cristie solution, we decreased the TCO for backups by around 40 percent, a saving that helps us keep our prices competitive.

Stefan Ledenstam, CEO, High Performance Systems

Transformation story

In the hands of the experts

HPS turned to long-time collaborator and IBM Premier Business Partner Cristie Nordic AB for guidance.

Mats Wrangö elaborates: “Cristie Nordic are true experts when it comes to backup and restore. Just like our customers look to us as specialists in server management and infrastructure, it makes sense for us to call on Cristie Nordic to ensure that our client data is better protected than ever before.”

Taking advantage of a managed solution from Cristie Nordic based on IBM® Spectrum™ Protect and IBM Storwize® V5000 technology, HPS continually backs up all client environments to enable rapid, reliable restore in the event of an infrastructure failure.

“Choosing the IBM and Cristie Nordic solution gives us the best of both worlds: we have direct control so can make changes and add clients, but they have overall responsibility over keeping it running smoothly,” says Mats Wrangö. “We receive daily reports on the success of backups, giving us the visibility we need to tackle any small issues before they escalate. And Cristie Nordic’s ‘pay-only-for-what-you-use’ approach reflects our own, simplifying our pricing model.”

With client data protected by IBM technology and Cristie Nordic, we have complete peace of mind that we can restore in practically any situation.

Mats Wrangö, Operations Manager, High Performance Systems

Results story

Boosting confidence

In IBM Spectrum Protect, HPS has succeeded in finding a single tool to replicate both physical and virtual server environments. Using in-built deduplication technology as part of the IBM Storwize V5000, the company is driving up resource utilization and reducing costs.

“Smart IBM technology is helping us streamline operations so we can raise service quality without adding complexity,” comments Mats Wrangö. “IBM solutions enable us to make better use of backup infrastructure and employee time, all while adding layers of protection to our client environments. Now, our employees can focus more on what they do best: delivering exceptional cloud services to customers.”

Stefan Ledenstam, CEO at HPS, adds: “In choosing the IBM and Cristie Nordic solution, we decreased the TCO [total cost of ownership] for backups by around 40 percent, a saving that helps us keep our prices competitive.”

Critically, with better safeguards in place against data loss, HPS can reduce business risk.

“With client data protected by IBM technology and Cristie Nordic, we have complete peace of mind that we can restore in practically any situation,” remarks Mats Wrangö. “We have gained greater control and visibility of backups. As a result, we can pass on our total confidence to clients, who trust us to protect the systems that enable their businesses.”

Looking to the future, the solution offers an ideal foundation for growth, scaling seamlessly to support increasing amounts of data and numbers of environments. Moreover, the project has opened up an opportunity for HPS to access new parts of the cloud services marketplace.

Mats Wrangö says: “We have no doubts that the solution can grow alongside our clients’ environments, meeting their expectations for limitless scalability. The IBM solution has even given us the basis for a new backup-as-a-service offering, which will enable us to reach a new kind of customer, who wants greater insight into what is going on behind the scenes.”

Stefan Ledenstam concludes: “Giving us the tools to make existing clients happier and attract new ones, it is clear that choosing to adopt an IBM data protection solution managed by Cristie Nordic was a good decision for our future as a cloud services provider.”

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About High Performance Systems

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, High Performance Systems (HPS) is an IT services provider that develops, customizes and implements a wide variety of IT solutions for business customers. Recently, the company launched a new cloud computing service.

Solution components

  • Spectrum Protect
  • Storage: IBM Storwize V5010

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