Business challenge

Happynarae sells back-office services, such as procurement and fundraising, to social enterprises. How could Happynarae analyze and process huge volumes of client data quickly and efficiently?


To enable rapid analysis, Happynarae migrated its business-critical SAP® ERP applications to the SAP S/4HANA platform, deployed on powerful IBM Power Systems servers.



decision-making by enabling rapid data access


service quality by helping identify opportunities to secure bulk-buy discounts


social enterprises to fine-tune their marketing activities, boosting sales

Business challenge story

Offering crucial support

Happynarae provides the resources and know-how to transform budding social enterprises into blossoming businesses. For example, the company enables organizations to offer their products and services at preferential rates, sharpening their competitive edge. What’s more, Happynarae markets social enterprises’ products to its own partners—through special sales events and in an exclusive Happynarae mall—driving greater sales and brand visibility.

In addition, Happynarae supports social enterprises in their research and development efforts, building a compelling web presence, and delivering effective, cost-efficient marketing. The company also offers advice and expertise to organizations on a pro-bono basis, provides financial support, and manages procurement and supply chains on their behalf.

A spokesperson at Happynarae begins: “To offer such a comprehensive range of services to social enterprises across Korea, we need to be able to manage and analyze vast quantities of data. As the number of organizations we help—and the associated volumes of data—began to grow, the database underpinning our core SAP ERP systems struggled with the increased workload, slowing response times. We stepped into action, embarking on a search for a new platform that could support our flourishing business.”  

With SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA on IBM POWER8, we have become more adept at recognizing opportunities for social enterprises.

Spokesperson, Happynarae

Transformation story

Rock-solid reliability

Rising to the challenge, Happynarae decided to upgrade the database underlying its SAP ERP applications to SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA for IBM Power Systems architecture. The new solution, which runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, enables rapid analysis of colossal quantities of data.

“We decided to migrate to SAP HANA because we knew that the solution would enable us to analyze data much faster than our previous traditional relational database allowed,” continues the spokesperson. “We believe that this capability will be key to helping us deliver better service to our customers.

“SAP HANA underpins our entire organization, so reliability is paramount. We selected IBM Power Systems servers to support the mission-critical SAP solutions because they offer excellent stability and superior performance and value for money compared to many competing offerings. In addition, the technical support we received from IBM during the implementation was truly world-class, helping us further enhance system reliability.” 

Results story

Nurturing budding businesses

With the new platform in place, Happynarae can offer business users rapid access to reliable data and lightning-speed analysis. By gaining greater insight into its own business and those of the social enterprises it supports, Happynarae can make smarter decisions on-the-fly and boost productivity.

The spokesperson elaborates: “Many social enterprises choose to outsource their purchasing operations to us. With SAP HANA running on IBM POWER8 processors, we have become more adept at recognizing opportunities for social enterprises to combine their purchases and secure bulk-buy discounts. By enabling organizations to achieve cost savings, we can help them survive and thrive, even in competitive markets.

“Furthermore, by helping social enterprises analyze their sales networks, customer information, prices and products, we can enable them to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts, driving higher sales.”

The spokesperson concludes: “This was our first time working with IBM and SAP, and we have finished the projects with smiles on our faces. We look forward to many future successes with IBM and SAP.” 


Happynarae specializes in maintaining, repairing and operating safety equipment, office supplies, construction materials and more on behalf of its clients. The company is the largest social enterprise and purchasing specialist in South Korea.

Solution components

  • IBM Power System S822L
  • IBM Power System S824L
  • IBM-SAP Alliance
  • SAP S/4 HANA

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