Business Challenge

Aiming to create new revenue streams, the Jordanian Electric Power Company (JEPCO) needed a secure technology foundation upon which to build its new offerings.


Working with IBM Business Partner Business Innovation, JEPCO is transforming its approach to IT, moving away from rigid on-premise environments towards the flexible, robust IBM Cloud.



the company to create new revenue streams by expanding its portfolio


superb reliability, high performance and enhanced disaster-recovery capabilities


JEPCO to offload IT administration and instead focus on its core business

Business Challenge Story

Launching new services

Aiming to boost profitability, the Jordanian Electric Power Company (JEPCO) spotted an opportunity to launch new services for its customers. To reach its goal, the company first needed to overcome a challenge: since its inception, JEPCO had relied on on-premise, custom-developed applications, which lacked the flexibility needed to let the IT team rapidly develop new services.

Furthermore, the business was growing rapidly, and JEPCO urgently needed greater headroom in its IT infrastructure.

The company recognized that to gain scalability and flexibility to launch the new offerings, it first needed to deploy a secure, flexible technology platform.

IBM was selected for their deep-rooted expertise and reliability which will help us achieve our objectives.

Hassan Abdullah, Manager of Electricity Network and Strategic Planning, JEPCO

Transformation Story

Robust cloud platform

JEPCO joined forces with Business Innovation, an IBM Business Partner, to deploy IBM Cloud for SAP Applications. JEPCO selected IBM because of its reputation for reliability, and the belief that IBM would help the company to overcome any obstacles in the deployment.

Business Innovation assumed responsibility for managing the SAP applications, while IBM was tasked with providing a reliable cloud service. In addition, IBM deployed IBM Bluemix® to help JEPCO and Business Innovation develop new offerings.

By hosting its workloads on the IBM public cloud, JEPCO was able to improve system performance and reliability. In addition, the company gained a disaster-recovery solution for its local environment that is operated and managed at an IBM Cloud data center in Europe to ensure business continuity.

Results Story

Generating greater value

After starting to use IBM Cloud for SAP Applications as a development and production environment, JEPCO’s IT team received excellent feedback from personnel in other divisions, who felt that the solution fully met all their requirements. Now, JEPCO is using the platform to transform its business and launch new customer offerings.

The company is happy with the scalability, reliability and response times from the IBM Cloud for SAP Applications, and is confident that the platform will continue to meet its requirements in future. By handing off IT administration, JEPCO is free to focus on its core business and on improving customer service.

Jordanian Electric Power Company logo

Jordanian Electric Power Company

The Jordanian Electric Power Company (JEPCO) is responsible for distributing and retailing electricity in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Its customer base accounts for approximately 65 percent of the Kingdom’s consumers.

Solution Components

  • 6950-03W Apps Management for SAP Solutions on IBM Cloud
  • IBM Cloud Managed Services for SAP Applications
  • IBM Services for Managed SAP Applications
  • IBM-SAP Alliance

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