Business challenge

To differentiate its products and speed time to market, Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Ltd. (DCES) sought high‑performance infrastructure and advanced cognitive technology.


DCES selects and IBM Cloud infrastructure for mobile app development and adopted the IBM Cloud platform to incorporate IBM Watson™ Developer Cloud cognitive services in its offerings.


70% faster time to market

with an open standards development environment that speeds project delivery

Develops innovative offerings

with cognitive services from the IBM® Watson™ Developer Cloud portfolio

Drives business growth

with data centers worldwide to support expansion to Europe and North America

Business challenge story

A need for flexible, open standards IT

To speed product development and bring cutting-edge AR offerings to market quickly, DCES needed flexible IT infrastructure compatible with an open standards development approach. “We found that a lack of open standards support in our previous cloud platform made integration harder than it should be, slowing our development efforts and hindering partner collaboration,” says Jordan Cheng, DCES founder and chief executive officer.

DCES sought a trusted IT leader offering both high-performance cloud infrastructure to support its development efforts and global data center presence to further its continuing international expansion. Plus, with plans to differentiate its AR products for enterprise customers and gain a competitive edge, the company wanted to team with a solution provider that would deliver advanced cognitive technology.

IBM Cloud is enabling us to tap in to an incredible range of built-in functionality so we don’t need to build it ourselves.

Jordan Cheng, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Ltd.

Transformation story

Market-leading cloud and cognitive technologies

Evaluating global IT providers, DCES determined that only IBM offered the powerful cloud infrastructure, open standards development environment and market-leading cognitive capabilities required. The corporation provisioned virtual server infrastructure in the IBM Cloud data center in Hong Kong to support mobile app development workloads and its MAD Gaze App Store.

Using the IBM Cloud platform, DCES integrates cognitive technology from the IBM Watson™ Developer Cloud portfolio in its offerings, including the IBM Watson Language Translator Service, IBM Watson Text to Speech Service, IBM Watson Speech to Text Service, IBM Watson Visual Recognition Service, IBM Watson Conversation Service and IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier Service. The company is developing innovative new training simulation, travel assistance, logistics and inventory, customer service, and facial recognition products with the IBM technology.

Results story

Faster delivery of innovative new offerings

With the IBM Cloud solution, DCES can create groundbreaking new apps designed for specific industry use cases, establishing a significant competitive advantage. Backed by flexible cloud technology, the organization is well-positioned to scale as business demands, quickly and easily deploying additional resources when needed.

IBM Cloud data centers worldwide will support DCES as it expands to serve markets in Europe and North America, and with data transfer between hosting locations included at no additional charge, the company will be able to keep costs low.

Finally, the open standards development environment supports greater collaboration and accelerates DCES’s processes significantly, speeding project delivery by 70 percent. “IBM Cloud platform is enabling us to tap in to an incredible range of built-in functionality so we don’t need to build it ourselves,” says Cheng.

Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Ltd.

Founded in 2013 and based in Hong Kong, Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Ltd. (DCES) is an IT corporation that specializes in developing augmented reality (AR) software and devices. The company launched its MAD Gaze brand in 2015, targeting business and consumer markets with products designed to deliver an exceptional AR user experience.

Solution components

  • IBM Bluemix

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