We chose Prolifics to be the company to work with mostly because of their depth of knowledge around that information server stack. We felt they had the experience and the knowledge to help us to get where we wanted to go.

Mark Cramer, BI Data Manager at JLG Industries

Business Challenge story

JLG was running out of capacity and in order to support the global enterprise locations they needed to find a solution. JLG went to IBM to ask for a partner who had knowledge and expertise in this area. After reviewing a number of partners, JLG felt they found the best fit in Prolifics. JLG felt that what Prolifics has to offer is a very deep onshore set of technical architects, as well as a very deep offshore development laboratory


JLG chose the information server platform in order to fit their needs for the future, of what they needed to be in terms of the Center of Excellence across all of Osh Kosh. The Information Server stack would take and provide them with data governance, it would provide them with lineage and a number of other tool sets that they needed to be that center of excellence across all of Osh Kosh.


Trusted partner with the expertise they needed Supoort Global Enterprise locations Data Governance

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