Business challenge

Supporting citizens requires constant communication between this government department’s personnel and other parts of their organization. How could the department help information flow faster?


The organization worked with IBM Platinum Business Partner TIMETOACT to deploy a social business network—enabling it to supply relevant, personalized information to each employee’s homepage.



employees to find information quickly, supporting timely services


knowledge-transfer by helping employees create and share content


global collaboration, enhancing support for citizens overseas

Business challenge story

Supporting citizens around the world

This government department coordinates various diplomatic issues on behalf of its country’s citizens. And like the gears in a machine, the organization’s institutional components must interlock perfectly for it to operate effectively.

In the past, the department relied on an intranet for internal collaboration. While the system did include basic functions to store and display information, employees were unable to engage with the content or discuss it within the portal. The lack of sufficient features for collaboration complicated decision-making processes and other co-operative tasks. As a result, the department’s employees had not embraced the intranet, and were not using it to its full potential.

IBM Connections Engagement Center has become a total game-changer for our use of IBM Connections.

Spokesperson, Government department

Transformation story

Cultivating a social business

The department decided to replace its intranet with a social business network based on IBM Connections. At an IBM conference, the department’s IT specialists were introduced to IBM Connections Engagement Center—a digital workplace hub, or personalized homepage, for IBM Connections.

The homepage is tailored to each user’s role and preferences, and provides easy access to the information employees need to excel in their work, including relevant news, links to important resources, files, and events.

The ease of integration between the two solutions—and the wide variety of features they offered—convinced the department to select IBM Connections Engagement Center. A spokesperson for the government department comments: “We are very happy with IBM Connections Engagement Center; it has become a total game-changer for our use of IBM Connections.”

IBM Connections Engagement Center empowers users to create dashboards with only a few mouse clicks. These dashboards serve as fully customizable grids for a wide variety of widgets, which can be placed and repositioned on the respective page via a simple drag-and-drop interface. Working with IBM Platinum Business Partner TIMETOACT, the department quickly deployed the solutions, and then migrated and restructured pre-existing content to fit the new platform.

The spokesperson remarks: “We are very content with the support we received from TIMETOACT—everyone was helpful and cooperative.”


Offering faster, more effective services

Today, the department’s employees no longer need to access a multitude of platforms to gather the information required to perform their roles. Institution-wide information is now centralized on one comprehensive landing page, and homepage shortcuts to individual landing pages for embassies, offices or employees enable personnel to find what they need quickly.

IBM Connections Engagement Center is also helping to enhance collaboration. The new intranet supports forms, surveys and discussions, which makes the experience of using it more interactive, and encourages employees and managers to create and share content.

The response to the new intranet has been overwhelmingly positive, and the department is already formulating plans to enhance the solution in the future. For example, the organization is interested in building an application that uses integrated quick surveys and an automatically updated out-of-office list to help receptionists check the availability of personnel more easily.

Government department

This government department is responsible for maintaining international relations and providing safety and services to its country’s citizens abroad.

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