Business Challenge

With demand for mobile, online, and in-branch investment services growing, Geojit set out to ensure customers gained rapid, reliable access to its comprehensive array of financial trading services.


Geojit migrated the order-management system supporting all customer trading activities to IBM Db2 pureScale—providing a robust, flexible and highly scalable platform to support ongoing growth.



scalability, supporting more than half a million financial trades each day


services running efficiently by boosting system performance


business continuity with near real-time data replication

Business Challenge Story

An opportunity for growth

As more investors take up stakes in the Indian stock market, the race is on for providers of financial services to win customers over with innovative trading solutions. With almost 10 million customers across India and the Middle East, Geojit occupies pole position.

Mr. A. Balakrishnan, MD of Geojit Technologies (the internal IT services provider within the Geojit group) comments: “In recent years, we have seen demand for our online, mobile and financial services increase significantly. If we are going to make the most of this opportunity, we must ensure that we can provide our customers with quick and convenient access to trading opportunities and fast-moving market data. Because our industry operates with large volumes of time-sensitive data, it is vital that the database supporting our online, mobile, telephone and in-branch services is easily scalable, highly performant and reliable.”

Geojit recognized that its existing core order-management system was increasingly unable to keep up with growth, and set out to overhaul both this platform and its disaster-recovery options.

“The existing database that supported our order-management system couldn’t easily scale to meet the growth we were experiencing,” explains Balakrishnan. “Our order-management system supports the core front-end applications that power our online, mobile, telephone and in-branch services, so it’s an absolutely critical element in our business. If we are unable to scale out this system seamlessly, we risk diminishing the performance and stability of our applications, potentially causing dissatisfaction among our customers.

“The order-management system is interlinked with our risk-management systems, which provide real-time surveillance and monitoring of all the transactions we facilitate. For example, this system enables us to run precise mark-to-market calculations of customer assets and helps us to identify if and when we need to make margin calls. If additional latency was introduced into our systems as a result of increased growth, this could have negative financial implications for both Geojit and our customers.”

Because Geojit ran its existing database in a single cluster, the business became concerned that its systems would not provide optimal disaster-recovery options in the event of a disruption to business. As a provider of financial services in a strictly regulated sector, Geojit must ensure that it can clearly trace each of the trades it processes and demonstrate that its systems can withstand any interruption without impacting the performance of its customer-facing applications.

As the first broking firm in India to offer online trading and the company behind the first application in India that enables trading via Facebook, Geojit is used to embracing the spirit of innovation. So, the company set out to find a solution that would not only enable it to migrate quickly and cost-effectively, but also help it to establish a platform for the ongoing development of its products and services.

Thanks to IBM Db2 pureScale, we have increased the scalability, performance and reliability of our systems and reduced our total cost of ownership.

Balakrishnan, MD, Geojit Technologies

Transformation Story

Investing in the tools for success

To seize the opportunity for growth, Geojit transformed its core order-management system by migrating the underlying database to IBM Db2 pureScale—enabling the company to establish and integrate multiple database clusters for added performance and resilience.

Balakrishnan continues: “IBM worked with us to run a rigorous proof of concept for their solution, clearly outlining how it would exceed our need for increased capacity and scalability for our front-end applications, without compromising on the performance and transparency of our back-end risk-management processes. Being able to see just how the solution could help our business develop played a key role in our decision-making process.”

Working closely with IBM, Geojit migrated its order-management system from its legacy database solution to IBM Db2 pureScale. The production cluster supports all trading activities and a second cluster shadows this environment with instant data replication to enable rapid and seamless recovery in the event of a disaster.

Balakrishnan says: “By creating a disaster-recovery environment that replicates the data stored in our production environment almost in real time, we are able to instantly failover should an application encounter any issues in the other cluster—strengthening business continuity by protecting us against unplanned downtime.

“With help from IBM, we were able to establish this new architecture rapidly—their consultants helped us complete the migration in under six months. Throughout this journey, the technical expertise of the IBM team really came to the fore. While we found that the migration was a smooth process overall, when we did face challenges, IBM were always on hand to help us find a fast and effective solution.

“For instance, in our previous system we interfaced all our front-end applications with our core order-management system via a number of SQL stored procedures. Integrating these customized database objects with Db2 pureScale was a tricky task; without the excellent support we received from IBM it could have taken us much longer to complete the migration.”

With IBM Db2 pureScale we have increased the scalability of our mission-critical applications while simultaneously boosting their performance and reliability—helping us bring investment opportunities to a wider customer base.

Balakrishnan, MD, Geojit Technologies

Results Story

Ready for the future

Having increased the scalability, performance and availability of its core order-management systems with IBM Db2 pureScale, Geojit is much better placed to offer robust, reliable investment services to even more customers.

Balakrishnan continues: “With IBM Db2 pureScale we have increased the scalability of our mission-critical applications while simultaneously boosting their performance and reliability—helping us bring investment opportunities to a wider customer base. Whereas we were previously starting to have concerns about the performance and scalability of our legacy database cluster, we now have an order-management system that can handle upwards of 800,000 trades per day and 25,000 concurrent trading sessions. With the average peak rate of daily trades currently sitting around 500,000, we have ample capacity right now and we are confident that the high scalability of Db2 pureScale will be able to meet any growth in demand for our services.”

By running key segments of its databases in-memory, Geojit has increased overall system performance. This is helping the company ensure that its front-end services are working smoothly and enabling customers to seize limited windows of opportunity the second they appear.

“This increase in overall performance ensures that our risk management systems have access to key data on our customers’ activity and positions almost in real time—boosting the precision of our mark-to-market calculations. This is good news for our market regulator, as it helps us to have a clearer view of our risk posture. What’s more, with a robust disaster-recovery option, we have improved the recoverability of our core systems. This fits in to a broader enhancement of our business-continuity planning conducted with support from IBM.”

Since implementing IBM Db2 pureScale, Geojit has driven a cultural change throughout the organization—encouraging staff to exercise more discipline around data protection and recovery.

“Previously, our activities around ensuring high availability and rapid recovery were not always well-documented,” recalls Balakrishnan. “In many cases, processes were dependent on the memory of specific members of the IT team. We have worked with IBM to create a much more rigorous approach that reduces the risk of human error and eliminates our dependency on individuals.

“IBM Db2 pureScale has also helped to ease the workload of our IT team, as many of the failover functions that we have established between our clusters run automatically. So far, these automated functions have been working perfectly, which has enabled our IT team to focus their time and resources on driving improvement in other areas of the business.”

Balakrishnan concludes: “Thanks to IBM Db2 pureScale, we have increased the scalability, performance and reliability of our systems and reduced our total cost of ownership—helping us ensure that we give our customers timely and reliable access to trading opportunities.”

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Geojit is a leading investment services company in India with a growing presence in the Middle East. The company draws on its rich experience in the capital markets to offer its customers a wide portfolio of savings and investment solutions. The range of value-added products and services from Geojit spans equities and derivatives, mutual funds, life and general insurance, and financial planning. The company serves the needs of more than 894,000 customers through multi-channel services.

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