GEC contributed virtual factory technology and IBM helped integrate OT with IT and create the hybrid cloud architecture.

Bernd Kremer, COO Cloud and Industrial Solutions , German Edge Cloud GmbH & Co. KG

Business Challenge

Data is the engine that will drive adoption of Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing technology for automating production and producing better products. Yet manufacturers find it difficult to analyze operational technology (OT) data due to non-standard formats. And lack of integration between OT applications at the plant and enterprise IT systems such as ERP further inhibits analysis.


Assisted by IBM Global Business Services and IBM Plant Service Bus technology, German Edge Cloud (GEC) developed ONCITE, a self-contained industrial edge appliance that combines OT and IT data for AI analytics. ONCITE can generate production insights in near-real time. And being based on the Red Hat OpenShift platform, it brings the hybrid cloud to the factory floor without changing existing OT systems.

Solution Category

  • Services
  • Analytics
  • Cloud
  • IT Infrastructure