Business challenge

Ge.Si.ass.’s IT team needed to rapidly develop, replicate and deploy new applications and features in a heterogeneous, partially virtualized environment.


The consortium implemented IBM PureApplication System to take a hybrid cloud approach, deploying patterns in the cloud to reproduce environments quickly, even during peak activity or in the midst of critical situations.



time-to-market for new application deployment


physical server environment through virtualization


time and cost within the operations department by centralizing and integrating monitoring

Business challenge story

Transforming business service delivery

The merger of its only two clients compelled Ge.Si.ass. to consolidate its hardware and software environments and transform its financial application delivery practices. “We essentially had to become an IT service provider for one new, larger group,” says Gianbattista Caragnini, Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “That meant completely changing the rules for our business so we could deliver shared applications that could process financial requirements using different configurations, and we needed to be able to do that in hours, rather than days or weeks.” The consortium, however, struggled with excessive operations-management issues and costs due to its heterogeneous, partially virtualized environment.

It’s easy to deploy…patterns in PureApp in the cloud to reproduce or improve environments, especially during peak activity or in the midst of critical situations.

Gianbattista Caragnini, Chief Technology Officer, Ge.Si.ass.

Transformation story

Pattern-based deployment

To consolidate its workloads, Ge.Si.ass. engaged IBM Business Partner R1 S.p.a. and IBM Software Services to implement IBM PureApplication System (renamed IBM Bluemix Local System in July 2016) as a hybrid cloud approach. “It’s easy to deploy the DV Pattern and other patterns in PureApp in the cloud to reproduce or improve environments, especially during peak activity or in the midst of critical situations,” says Mr. Caragnini. “When we need to produce test, quality and production environments it’s important to replicate the environment’s configuration. Using the PureApp pattern allows us to do that and do it within our time parameters.”

The IBM solution integrates with Ge.Si.ass.’s existing IBM Workload Scheduler software, which handles batch workloads, to better integrate the solution with its data center.

Results story

Faster time-to-market

Ge.Si.ass. now rapidly deploys new fixes, upgrades and environments for its core applications. For instance, using PureApplication Patterns, the consortium upgrades WebSphere Application Server (WAS) environments more quickly and securely.

Additionally, Ge.Si.ass. saves time and costs within its operations department by implementing centralized, integrated monitoring, which provides better control environments with faster troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Overall, the consortium improved time-to-market, reduced the number of resources needed to maintain its systems and uses the PureApplication technology to consolidate a large number of physical servers with virtual machines that can be easily created at an accelerated speed.

Ge.Si.ass. s.c.a.r.l.

Located in Milan, Italy, Ge.Si.ass. s.c.a.r.l. is a consortium that provides IT services to insurance companies. Founded in 1987, the organization belongs to Gruppo Helvetia Italia and Nationale Suisse Italia and is managed by Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company Ltd.

Solution components

  • IBM Cloud Pak System
  • IBM Cloud Pak System
  • Workload Automation

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