The goal of AI is not to replace humans but to complement them. Galp and IBM achieved this ideal by giving geoscientists a new way of working

Marco Ferraz, Head of Upstream Innovation, Galp

Business Challenge

To model the subsurface of exploration tracts, oil and gas companies rely on geoscientists to analyze a myriad of high-volume and heterogenous data sources. The process is slow and often results in inconsistent findings due to analyst subjectivity. This challenge led Galp to propose an AI-powered solution that could organize the data and advise the scientists during their analyses.


Galp engaged IBM Research – Brazil to co-create an exploration advisor for geoscientists. Powered by IBM AI technology from IBM Cloud, the advisor automates data processing and analyzes the data using the collective knowledge of the company’s geoscientists. As a result, analysts receive insights that help them develop better subsurface models more quickly—thus lessening the risk of missing valuable reservoirs and drilling dry wells.

Solution Category

  • Cloud
  • AI/Watson
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