We can identify consumers by previous actions and then serve them up the right content and the right kind of engagement pieces that we need for them to progress on a path.

Tom Johnson, CRM Lead, The Clorox Company

Business Challenge story

When you’re shopping online or on mobile, even small snags can lead to a lot of frustration. How could Clorox polish up the digital experience and make it easier for consumers to browse and buy?


With a powerful customer experience analytics platform, Clorox can better understand how consumers interact with its online and mobile channels, and use the insight to shape smoother digital journeys.


Today, Clorox can detect and resolve digital issues fast and create more personalized experiences for each and every visitor—keeping customers engaged to drive sales and nurture repeat business.

  • Watson Customer Engagement
  • IBM Cloud
    • Consumer Products: Digital Operations
    • IBM Watson Campaign Automation
    • IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics