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Sonian initially hosted its solution in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment but wanted to build on a strong relationship with IBM to extend its offering to a broader customer base.


Sonian migrated its archiving platform to IBM Cloud infrastructure hosted in Asia, Europe and North America, launching its offering through the IBM Marketplace.


Provides powerful hosting for Sonian’s scalable, high-performance email archiving platform

Speeds solution delivery with deployment in minutes instead of the weeks or months required for trad

Boosts sales and offers peace of mind by backing the Sonian offering with a trusted global hosting

Business challenge story

Pioneering an archiving solution in the cloud

An early innovator in cloud technology, Sonian launched a robust email archiving platform. “As a customer generates data, the capabilities of our platform adjust accordingly,” says Ryan Tacy, Sonian Director of Enterprise Sales. “And our search performance completely outpaces what traditional on-premises archiving solutions can deliver.”

Sonian initially hosted its platform in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment but wanted to build on a strong relationship with IBM to extend its solution. “We had an opportunity to tighten up our partnership with IBM and leverage SoftLayer cloud infrastructure,” says Tacy

IBM Cloud infrastructure gives us a lot of potential as an organization. We’re now able to think about how customers can uniquely leverage their data.

Ryan Tacy, Director of Enterprise Sales, Sonian

Transformation story

Migrating to a SoftLayer hosting platform

Provisioning cloud infrastructure in IBM Cloud data centers in Asia, Europe and North America, Sonian migrated its archiving solution to the new global hosting environment. The business launched its offering through the IBM Marketplace, IBM’s online portfolio of cloud-based solutions from IBM Business Partners and third-party vendors.

“We’ve seen some pretty significant growth,” says Tacy. “The number of customers we support has grown exponentially.”

“With high-performance cloud underpinning our archiving solution, we’re giving customers a great deal of flexibility,” adds Derek Peplau, Sonian Vice President of Marketing. “It’s providing them with cost savings, and in many cases, faster access to data.”

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Offering peace of mind with a trusted brand

IBM Cloud technology provides the powerful hosting infrastructure Sonian’s archiving platform requires and supports fast, efficient delivery. “A traditional on-premises email archiving solution can take weeks if not a month or two to deploy,” says Tacy. “With our solution, you can be turned on and activated in 20 minutes.”

By teaming with IBM to host and market its archiving offering, Sonian backs its solution with a well-established brand. “We’re able to provide our customers with a sense of security, safety and confidence knowing that they’re working with a trusted partner,” says Peplau.



Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Dedham, Massachusetts, Sonian delivers cloud-based archiving solutions to preserve and protect the world’s information. The IBM Business Partner serves more than 20,000 customers in 40 countries and manages more than 20 billion objects in the cloud.

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