Business Challenge story

Carli customers mainly want quality from us. We strive to achieve that level of quality from the moment customers place their orders—for example, by calling our call center. Such quality level continues – well, must continue – through the delivery process, when the independent driver from our network arrives to the customer’s doorstep. In the event customers have any questions or concerns after delivery, we want to be there to assist and solve any issues they might have.


All the core functions within Fratelli Carli are managed by the IBM mainframe, in particular through the z/VSE. We’re talking about managing the customer database, orders, and shipments. Everything revolves around this.


The greatest capability of the mainframe is its ability to increase power, memory, and number of processors without requiring any changes within either the programs or the operating system. This is a big breakthrough compared to other systems. This protects your investments.

Solution Category

  • Systems Hardware
  • Solution Components

    • IBM Z: IBM Z running z/VSE
    • z Systems