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Cooperative banks in Germany share knowledge and experience to provide better service to their members. The banks’ IT service provider Fiducia & GAD wanted to find a way to support their teamwork.


Fiducia & GAD launched collaboration solutions that facilitate efficient, effective communication between cooperative banks, within each bank, and within its own company.



a competitive advantage to member banks, helping them raise service quality


collaboration within Fiducia & GAD, reducing costs and boosting efficiency


of banks take advantage of the new offerings

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Connecting the cooperative banking sector

In Germany, a substantial share of the financial services market is served by the cooperative banking group ‘Genossenschaftliche FinanzGruppe Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken’, which is comprised of hundreds of small and mid-sized banks. To retain their strong market position and to provide better service to members, the banks aim to work together – for example, by establishing joint functions for marketing or finance. This requires a shift in culture towards networking and sharing, supported by appropriate technologies and solutions.

To help connect the sector, the cooperative banking group’s IT service provider Fiducia & GAD IT AG (Fiducia & GAD) decided to launch a new set of state-of-the-art collaboration solutions for member banks.

IBM is one of our most trusted partners, and this initiative is just another example of our long, fruitful collaboration with IBM.

Klaus Bey, Head of Collaboration and Social Media Services , Fiducia & GAD IT AG

Transformation story

Deploying state-of-the-art solutions

Working with its trusted vendor IBM, Fiducia & GAD built a new collaboration hub. At the heart of the new platform, the company deployed IBM® Connections™ software, which provides employees with a digital workplace and powerful tools to support efficient communication and collaboration. The hub supports communication in several different deployments.

First, communication between all employees in the ‘Genossenschaftlichen Verbund’ group is supported by an extranet called agree21Communitys, built on single-tenant environments for the IBM Connections application.

Second, secure, efficient collaboration within each bank is enabled by a multi-tenant environment for IBM Connections and IBM Sametime®. Although the solution resides on the same physical servers, each bank’s information is kept separate and invisible to the rest of the cooperative banking group. The deployment represents the world’s first multi-tenant environment for IBM Connections hosted on-premises.

Finally, Fiducia & GAD relies on the same set of IBM collaboration solutions to support efficient communication and teamwork within its own business. IBM Sametime, the IBM Notes® email client and the IBM Domino® platform facilitate everyday collaboration on the company intranet. Fiducia & GAD’s internal Connections environment is home to a wealth of information, including around 12,500 profiles, 14,000 activities, over 130 blogs available to all intranet users, over 4,500 communities featuring nearly 2,000 community blogs, more than 2 million file downloads and over 52,000 wiki pages.

The IBM solutions go way beyond standard collaboration capabilities, offering cutting-edge functionalities to support new ways of working, and aggregating relevant information for each user. The solutions have provided vital support as Fiducia and GAD consolidated their operations following the merger in 2015 that formed Fiducia & GAD.

Results story

Delivering fresh value to clients

The collaboration solutions have proven a hit with Fiducia & GAD’s clients, with hundreds of cooperative banks already taking advantage of the agree21Communitys platform. Some of the banks use IBM Sametime, and all banks use IBM Notes and IBM Domino. By enabling effective teamwork, Fiducia & GAD hopes to help its clients compete effectively and cement their strong market position. To provide additional support to the banks, Fiducia & GAD is expanding the agree21Communitys platform to allow limited access by authorized third parties, such as marketing agencies contracted by the banks.

By streamlining its internal collaboration, Fiducia & GAD is reducing operating costs and boosting efficiency.

Klaus Bey, Head of Collaboration and Social Media Services at Fiducia & GAD concludes: “IBM is one of our most trusted partners, and this initiative is just another example of our long, fruitful collaboration with IBM. Thanks to IBM’s first-rate support and innovative solutions, we are building stronger relationships with and between our clients, and within our own business, to foster future success.”

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About Fiducia & GAD

Fiducia & GAD IT AG is the IT services provider within the cooperative FinanzGruppe group. The group, which is headquartered in the German cities of Karlsruhe and Münster and has offices in Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin, currently employs almost 6,600 people and generates annual revenues of ca. EUR 1.5 billion. Fiducia & GAD serves around 900 banks in Germany, as well as numerous private banks and companies from other branches.

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