Business Challenge

Consumers want to pay less for telecom and IT services while demanding high-quality service. To grow market share, this service provider must find ways to differentiate and add value to its offerings.


This large telecom provider enhanced client satisfaction and operational efficiency by teaming up with IBM for a customer-centric simplification and innovation strategy, supported by Oracle solutions.



customer satisfaction by supporting high-quality services and competitive prices

Millions of euros

saved in years during and before this project through simplification

Reduces risk

with regular security-patching and lower reliance on external support

Business Challenge Story

Aiming for the top

Telecom and IT service providers are responsible for connecting us with others, so it is no surprise that we expect the very best communication when we interact with them. A large European telecommunication provider recognized that it needed to stand out from the pack—for the right reasons.

A spokesperson for the company elaborates: “We operate in an extremely competitive domestic marketplace that is dominated by large and long-established providers. With revenues declining across the industry, it became more critical than ever that we differentiated ourselves from our competitors. We realized that raising client satisfaction could be the key to retaining and extending our market share.”

The telecom provider set the target of becoming the best service provider in the domestic market, and specifically to significantly raise its Net Promoter Score (NPS). But to deliver the kind of experiences that keep customers coming back for more, the company first needed to make some internal changes.

“Our goal was to deliver a simple portfolio in a simple way to our clients,” says the spokesperson. “But our previous systems and processes simply did not support that approach. For example, a client calling our call center for help would need to wait while the agent looked up their account information in different places, delaying their response. If a customer wanted a bundle of offerings, such as fixed, mobile and internet services, it would take time to put together. We wanted greater clarity and flexibility, which would give us the right foundations for innovation.”

IBM has helped us gain the processes and systems we need to keep making a mark in the telecom and IT service industry.

Spokesperson, Large European Telecommunication Provider

Transformation Story

Making the right call

The telecommunication provider embarked on a transformation project, aimed at introducing simplification and innovation to its processes, and began looking for a partner that could help it make its mission a reality.

“In IBM, we found a solid, reliable partner that we could always trust to deliver a great combination of cost-effective delivery and high-quality results,” comments the spokesperson. “Working closely with the team from IBM, we defined goals for the continuous development and maintenance of applications. It was critical that we retained a process-oriented focus throughout the project, and we set targets to raise baseline levels by specific increments.”

For its IT infrastructure, the company worked with IBM® Services to define an ideal future-state architecture and began working towards that objective. The team decided that Oracle solutions should play an essential role.

“As part of the strategy, we wanted to reduce the number of IT vendors we work with dramatically, and it made sense to make Oracle our principal choice for our ERP application,” says the spokesperson. “We even migrated one of our acquired businesses from another ERP environment over to Oracle solutions, a major project that IBM helped us to complete in just 18 months.”

The IBM team spent six months taking over projects from the previous consulting partners and gaining familiarity with the telecom provider’s systems and process, before identifying and rolling out enhancements. The main elements of the IT domain that came under the scope of the project include master data management and business intelligence, bill presentments, collections and revenue assurance, ERP and traditional voice systems. IBM provided detailed design, build, testing, bug fixing, and full second- and third-line functional and technical support for applications, using resources in Europe and India, with the team flexing to 350 members.

During the project, the company achieved complete digital transformation of its invoicing in the consumer market, as the spokesperson explains: “IBM supported us in replacing multiple disparate invoicing applications with a centralized electronic bill presentment system based on Oracle solutions, delivering huge benefits for the experience that we offer our customers. We swapped paper invoices, each with their own look and feel, for a single, simple online version, which customers are alerted to via email and can access by logging into a portal. Our call center agents now have just one source of invoice information, which they can easily access when a client gets in touch.”

Guided by IBM, the telecom provider also consolidated numerous standalone supply chain management systems into a single logistics hub supported by Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain applications.

“Our new logistics hub enables us to build much more intimate relationships with our supply chain partners, making it easier to introduce value-added services for our customers such as same-day delivery, for instance,” says the spokesperson. “By operating as a single entity, we can also achieve greater efficiency through economies of scale.”

Results Story

Connecting customers to stellar experiences

Equipped with the foundations for innovation, the telecommunication provider is now able to deliver better experiences to customers, helping the company to retain existing clients and attract new ones.

“The project with IBM was an essential part of our evolution into a more agile, flexible and responsive organization,” remarks the spokesperson. “It laid the foundations for a range of improvements to customer service. One example is that our call center agents now have all the information they need at their fingertips to resolve customer queries faster and more effectively. Another is that our sales people now have simple, defined bundles that they can offer customers.

“With applications that support uniform processes, we can speed up our business functions while reducing costs, which ultimately allows us to offer high-quality services at competitive prices. As a result, we stand out from our competitors and inspire greater loyalty from customers.”

The company has succeeded in increasing efficiency in a variety of areas, helping the company to bolster its bottom line for a positive financial outlook.

“Since we began consolidating third-party ERP solutions to Oracle applications around 20 years ago, we have made substantial TCO savings, and the project with IBM is part of that success,” continues the spokesperson. “Along the way, we have reduced licensing costs significantly. Because these savings have been achieved alongside a move towards operational excellence, we can offer our customers excellent value for money.”

The project also helped the company reduce risk, as the spokesperson concludes: “Replacing highly customized systems with centralized Oracle applications allows us to dramatically reduce the size of maintenance, development and innovation teams, and the specialized skills we need in-house. We benefit from regular security patches, ensuring our systems stay secure. IBM has helped us achieve a smooth transition to gain the processes and systems we need to keep making a mark in the telecom and IT service industry.”

A Large European Telecommunication Provider

A large European telecommunication and IT service provider, this company offers a broad portfolio of services to households and business customers, including internet, TV, fixed and mobile telephony, as well as data networking.

Solution Components

  • GBS AD&I - EA - Oracle
  • GBS AD&I - EA - Oracle - E-Business Suite
  • GBS AD&I - EA - Oracle - Fusion Applications
  • IBM Global Business Services
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle EBS Supply Chain Management
  • Oracle Fusion Application - Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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