Business challenge

To develop a new enterprise solution for analyzing marketing data, Equals 3 needed to team with an IT leader offering cutting-edge cognitive capabilities and a global cloud hosting platform.


The business launched its innovative Lucy platform in an IBM Cloud environment, powering the offering with IBM Watson cognitive services from the IBM Watson Developer Cloud portfolio.


Speeds to market

with its innovative offering by teaming with IBM for support and market-leading technology

Drives global expansion

with IBM Cloud data centers available worldwide to meet customer hosting requirements

Offers exceptional service

with IBM Cloud bare metal server technology powering the Lucy platform

Business challenge story

A new concept for a marketing data platform

Today’s marketing organizations are awash in data, but that doesn’t mean marketers have the information they need at their fingertips. “For years, we’ve seen how data is siloed to a specific team within an enterprise or just goes unused,” says Scott Litman, Managing Partner at Equals 3. “Plus, not everyone has subscriptions to the data services they need, or worse, they have subscriptions but don’t use them.”

Inspired by advances in cognitive technology, Equals 3’s founders wanted to create a new platform designed to make marketing data easily accessible enterprisewide. “We wanted to make every report, every presentation and every row of every spreadsheet available to users across an organization at any moment,” says Litman. “And we wanted to make all that data accessible through a single interface with natural-language querying.”

To develop and launch the solution, Equals 3 needed to team with an IT leader offering cutting-edge cognitive capabilities and a global cloud hosting platform. “We needed data centers worldwide so we could limit latency in our service delivery and meet data hosting requirements in different parts of the globe,” says Equals 3 Chief Technology Officer Marc Dispensa.

Competitors don’t have the cognitive functionality that IBM has—IBM stands alone.

Marc Dispensa, Chief Technology Officer, Equals 3

Transformation story

Market-leading technology and support from IBM

Evaluating Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM and Microsoft solutions, Equals 3 chose IBM Cloud hosting infrastructure and IBM Watson cognitive services. “IBM technology is far more robust and varying in what it offers, and IBM has a specific roadmap for continuing to develop cognitive offerings,” says Dispensa. “IBM is also willing to really partner with us and guide us in our journey.”

Equals 3 worked in an IBM Cloud environment to develop Lucy, a cognitive marketing solution powered by services from the IBM Watson Developer Cloud portfolio, including the IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank Service, the IBM Watson Personality Insights Service, the IBM Watson AlchemyLanguage Service, the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer Service, the IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier Service, the IBM Watson Tradeoff Analytics Service and the IBM Watson Conversation Service.

Hosting the Lucy platform in a hybrid IBM Cloud infrastructure combining powerful bare metal servers and virtual resources, Equals 3 delivers its service to Fortune 1000 companies and the agencies serving them. “Whether it’s a marketing manager or a CMO, users can get what they need when they need it,” says Dispensa. “We’ve seen customers accelerate data analytics processes from weeks to a single day and reduce costs by as much as 75 percent with Lucy.”

Results story

Exceptional service for customers worldwide

With IBM Cloud data centers available worldwide, Equals 3 is well-positioned to expand its business globally and meet in-country hosting requirements for its international customers. Plus, the IBM Cloud platform’s global data center presence will support the company in providing low-latency service to customers in virtually any location.

The IBM Cloud hosting solution also provides the powerful technology Equals 3 needs for market-leading performance. “One major advantage that IBM offers is the true use of bare metal infrastructure, which is exponentially faster for key functions,” says Dispensa. “And you can get high-end graphics cards in the bare metal servers, which is a function no one else is currently providing.”

Equals 3 also appreciates the cognitive capabilities and support from IBM that made the development of its innovative Lucy offering possible. “Competitors don’t have the cognitive functionality that IBM has—IBM stands alone,” says Dispensa. “And the support that we get from IBM is the best, bar none.”


Equals 3

Founded in 2015, Equals 3 created its Lucy platform to help marketers derive insight from massive amounts of marketing data and convert that insight into strategy. The cognitive Lucy offering processes mountains of unstructured and structured data, draws relationships between disparate information sources and accelerates breakthroughs, empowering marketers to do far more in much less time.

Solution components

  • IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers
  • IBM Cloud Virtual Servers

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