The problem is that agriculturists have a somewhat archaic way of working. Usually they inherit their fields from their parents or their grandparents and they follow traditional practices for planting and harvest. This lacks scientific evidence. With Watson we want to bring scientific evidence to agriculture.

Kevin Lopez Alvarez, CTO, Drotek

Business Challenge story

DROTEK SAS wanted to help agriculturists improve their yields. However, most agriculturists were unable to analyze large volumes of data collected from its fields. Therefore, DROTEK sought new cognitive technologies to resolve this issues.


DROTEK implemented IBM Watson cognitive technologies for precision farming projects, including food production. The client uses Watson software to analyze large volumes of unstructured data and build a deterministic model, all while considering weather, plant strength and irrigation. In addition, the company uses Watson software to predict these parameters and provide real-time advice. Moreover, Watson technology can help agriculturists increase yields by using this data for better production.


By implementing IBM Watson software, DROTEK can now provide agriculturists with new insights and accuracies to increase yields. This leads to better production.

Solution Category

  • Cognitive