Business challenge

When large financial institutions expressed interest in adopting its mobile payments platform, Dream Payments needed a fast, flexible way to deploy cloud infrastructure for enterprise customers.


With IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions technology, Dream Payments migrated to an IBM Cloud infrastructure, gaining access to high-performance cloud resources for quick, easy deployment.


Supports compliance

with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations by retaining low-level access to bare metal servers

Speeds time to market

and boosts innovation with a scalable cloud environment for easily launching new projects

Backs payment network

with bank-grade reliable infrastructure

Business challenge story

Facing new delivery demands for the enterprise market

In 2014, Dream Payments launched its business to provide a security-rich mobile payment solution primarily for a target audience of individual merchants. “Within North America, our offering is still the only solution that allows a customer to walk into a retail location, purchase a chip-and-PIN [personal identification number] device off the shelf, and start taking payments within about 20 minutes,” says Christian Ali, Chief Marketing Officer at Dream Payments.

When banks and other financial institutions expressed interest in adopting the technology, Dream Payments faced a new set of delivery demands. “We realized that we were going to have to deploy hosting environments over and over,” explains Chad Whittaker, Chief Information Officer at Dream Payments. “Standing up data centers, buying hardware, racking and cabling devices, and doing all of the physical configuration involved wasn’t a process we could continue to duplicate. We needed a faster, more cost-effective approach.”

IBM has been a great partner in regards to sharing industry knowledge, opening doors and advising on best practices for migrating to cloud.

Chad Whittaker, Chief Information Officer, Dream Payments

Transformation story

Migrating to a highly scalable IBM Cloud platform

Seeking a scalable cloud solution to address its new infrastructure challenge, Dream Payments evaluated platforms from leading cloud services providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM and Microsoft. Ultimately, a successful ongoing relationship and a cloud solution offering exceptional control made IBM the optimal choice for the business.

“We have a lot of IBM technology already in place, and we knew that growing the partnership would be beneficial for both us and IBM,” says Whittaker. “That was coupled with the fact that IBM could provide low-level access to all the hardware, which we needed for PCI [payment card industry] compliance. Third, with IBM, we could select data center locations and know exactly where our data resides."

With IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions technology, Dream Payments migrated workloads to IBM Cloud bare metal server infrastructure provisioned in Montreal and Toronto, Canada. “Most of our solution was already virtual, so it was very easy to port over to the IBM Cloud,” notes Whittaker. “And now we can just copy a data center environment when we have a new proof of concept [POC] or solution to deploy.”

Results story

Accelerating time to market and boosting innovation

Dream Payments significantly accelerates infrastructure deployment with the IBM Cloud solution, bringing new offerings to market more quickly and delivering more rapidly for its customers. “We used to take a couple of weeks to procure the hardware, wait 6 – 8 weeks for delivery and install it. The whole process took about three months,” says Whittaker. “Now we can deploy and provision servers, switches or firewalls in just days.”

The cloud platform provides Dream Payments with a scalable, cost-effective environment for fostering innovation. “Pilot projects are the first step in testing the feasibility of concepts and how they could potentially work in the market,” notes Ali. “In the payments industry, if you have to stand up these segregated environments adhering to strict security requirements for each financial institution, it becomes expensive very quickly. Without this IBM Cloud infrastructure, our opportunities to innovate start to disappear because they become cost-prohibitive.”

Plus, IBM offers a global reputation for reliability that Dream Payments finds essential in the financial industry. “Having a robust, reliable IBM infrastructure goes a long way with partners, clients, auditors and regulators,” says Whittaker. “Having a bank-grade infrastructure is critical because we’re literally running a payment network across Canada.”

Finally, Dream Payments values the highly productive and mutually beneficial relationship it continues to build with IBM. “IBM has offered us a true partnership with a collaborative approach,” explains Whittaker. “We’ve been able to share industry and technology insights with IBM and, likewise, IBM has been a great partner in regards to sharing industry knowledge, opening doors and advising on best practices for migrating to cloud.”


Dream Payments

Dream Payments is a financial technology (fintech) company that powers commerce and payment services across mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Financial institutions and merchant acquirers use the organization’s payment as a service (PaaS) platform to provide mobile point of sale (POS) applications, next-generation payment terminals and value-added services securely to their business customers. Established in 2014, Dream Payments is an IBM Business Partner with headquarters in Toronto, Canada and operations in Moncton, Canada and Stamford, Connecticut.

Solution components

  • 6941-94B VMware Solutions on IBM Cloud (GTS BU)
  • IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

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