Business challenge

Dornier MedTech was being spun out from its parent company and had to lead the transition for the group. It needed to quickly move its financial consolidation processes to its own server or to the cloud.


The medical device company had to find a rapid solution to migrate its financial consolidation processes with minimal disruption to its operations. It chose Cognos Controller on Cloud software for its speedy application infrastructure build.


Rolls out new solution in four months

with virtually no disruption of global operations

Provides timely access

with around-the-clock availability to employees globally

Cuts costs

with a flexible licensing model and upgrade path

Business challenge story

A divestment changed the flow of financials

Near the end of 2018 and four months before its fiscal year closing, Dornier learned that it was to become independent from its parent company. As such, Dornier had only months before it would no longer have access to Cognos Controller software owned by the parent company for financial consolidation. 

The tight timeline meant that a speedy transition would be a major consideration in the choice of a new financial consolidation solution. Any solution would also need to be rolled out with minimal disruption of the company’s global operations.

Martyn Yap, Senior IT Manager at Dornier, cites the “divestment timeline and the fact that Cognos Controller was slated for a tech refresh over at the parent organization” as the reasons for department’s need to find a solution — and fast.

Four months before fiscal closing, we were informed about the divestment. We needed a solution with quick speed to build up the application infrastructure.

Martyn Yap, Senior IT Manager, Dornier MedTech

Transformation story

The cloud enabled a healthy transition

With the clock ticking down on the divestiture from its parent company and the pressure on, Dornier had to find its own software solution to consolidate its financial processes.

It was its parent company that recommended IBM Business Partner Adept as a resource. Adept is an IBM analytics solutions specialist.

According to Yat-Soon Lee, Co-founder and Director at Adept, his company recommended two options to Dornier to meet its aggressive timelines — either adopt its own Cognos Controller solution on-premises or move to Cognos Controller on Cloud.

Describing the benefits behind the decision to go with the cloud option, Lee cites the “zero capital expenditure investment, low IT involvement and management” as IBM provides support services with the cloud, and the fact that the cloud subscription meant eliminating additional provisioning costs.

Yap at Dornier noted that key deciding factors in choosing Cognos Controller on Cloud included the quick speed to build up the necessary application infrastructure, its flexible licensing model and its upgrade path.

The deployment of Cognos Controller on Cloud occurred quickly, with the build beginning in January 2019 and completed by the end of March of that year. “We managed to complete the project on time so that we were able to introduce the financial result — the consolidated financial result — to our parent company,” says Yap. “Its flexible licensing model and upgrade path were also key factors.”

The solution was deployed in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Once everything was up and running, Dornier could upgrade its environment to benefit from the latest release. Cognos Controller 10.4.1 brings a host of new capabilities, including some improvements specific to cloud: more streamlined report viewing with PDFs as well as more control around user sessions, for example.

The initial upgrade journey of the Cognos Controller 10.4.1 environment from version 10.3.1 was fast; the downtime was less than one day.

Martyn Yap, Senior IT Manager, Dornier MedTech

Results story

A rapid recovery with no business impact

Not only did the transformation to the new Cognos Controller on Cloud and accompanying database occur before the four-month deadline, but it also transpired with minimum disruption to Dornier’s global operations.

Yap declares the transition to Cognos Controller on Cloud a success: “Adept was able to deliver based on the timeline and scope of work. A common understanding was achieved between both teams — functionally and technically.” As far as system performance goes, he describes it as being stable.

Yap also cites the direct connection to IBM management as integral to the success of the initiative. “We spoke to Paul Allen, the product lead, who was able to advise us on licensing models, making the key decisions and providing tips on how to make IBM Cognos Controller a better application.”

Now, Dornier’s finance users have easy and convenient access to Cognos Controller around the clock. With the solution readily available, they can perform financial consolidation and reporting processes whenever they need to.

Yap notes that Cognos Controller on Cloud is integral to his organization. “Financial consolidation is a key activity at the corporate office.” He goes further to say that he considers the migration to have been a success: “It was measured by the timely rollout without impacting our operations globally. Speed was the cornerstone, as we had a tight timeline of four months to complete the move amid our usual fiscal year closing activities. The simplicity of the licensing model as well has enabled clarity in cost allocation for SBUs.”

The IBM solution provides timely access to employees globally. Feedback from our Americas division has been positive on the connection speed.

Martyn Yap, Senior IT Manager, Dornier MedTech

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Dornier MedTech

Dornier (external link), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Advanced MedTech Holdings, is a medical device company. It focuses on providing leading technology and improving life by delivering scientifically superior products and solutions to physicians and patients involved in urological care. Dornier is a pioneer of lithotripsy and various surgical lasers, and its 40 years of innovation and service have made it one of the most trusted medtech companies in the industry. Dornier is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with offices and distributors all over the world. 

About Adept Enterprise Solutions Pte Ltd.

IBM Business Partner Adept Enterprise Solutions (external link) is a financial performance management and analytics solutions consulting company that services Asia-Pacific countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. The company specializes in IBM Business Analytics software, including IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Controller. Its consultants have extensive experience in developing value-added solutions and have a background in both accounting and technology. The company was founded in 2010, has more than 20 employees in Singapore and Malaysia.

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