It turns out that the real key isn’t the fact that we’ve got visibility into the grid, though that was our initial goal. It’s that we now have information available on grid performance that we didn’t have before. We can do a lot with that information.

Peter Vinter, Power grid specialist, DONG Energy

Business Challenge Story

Increasing marketplace and regulatory demands along with a need for future infrastructure reinvestment drove Danish utility company DONG Energy to look for a way to better manage and utilize its electrical distribution network in order to respond to out- ages faster and more efficiently.


DONG Energy teamed with IBM to implement an Intelligent Utility Network, installing remote monitoring and control devices that give the company an unprecedented amount of information about the current state of the grid. The new solution also involves extensive analysis of the data provided by the remote devices, as well as re-engineering of DONG Energy’s business processes.

Solution Category

  • Middleware
  • IBM Cloud
  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • Solution Components

    • App Connect Enterprise
    • Decisions - Legacy
    • MQ
    • Rational Analysis, Design & Construction
    • WebSphere Application Server