With Aspera we can reach our global audience quicker than ever, as content is reliably distributed to and from our partner stations five times faster than FTP or other alternative solutions. Exchanging large digital data packages up to 1 TB can now be done with ease.

Hubert Czaja, Head of Distribution, Deutsche Welle

Business Challenge story

Each week, DW broadcast to a worldwide audience of over 135 million people using a global satellite network, partner stations and online services. In order to provide its audience with media content at all times, the broadcaster must strive to constantly interact with its vast network of partner stations and postproduction companies to exchange newsworthy programs. Due to the fast-paced nature of media, coordination between postproduction houses and other business partners all over the world is of utmost importance and has become increasingly dynamic and more integrated than ever before. As transfer volumes have grown, DW was compelled to find a solution that enabled it to receive and deliver content, to and from anywhere as quickly as possible while content was fresh, independent of the file size and geographical distance.


IBM® Aspera® faspex™ with Cargo provides fast, secure and reliable file transfer of news, features and documentary content. Aspera Console’s web-based management application offers DW complete visibility, real-time monitoring and centralized control of all file transfers, with priority delivery of the most critical video files when necessary.


With Aspera, Deutsche Welle can now reach its audience as content is reliably distributed on time around the globe, without the delays it regularly experienced before. Delivery times to and from partners have improved tremendously, with transfer speeds up to five times faster than FTP and other alternative solutions. DW users can easily and quickly exchange large data packages that are as big as 1 TB.

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