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To enable organizations across West Africa to supercharge their productivity, cloud services provider Descasio wanted to launch a new collaboration offering to help their personnel work smarter.


Descasio engaged IBM to deploy IBM® Watson® Workspace as a service to its clients—empowering employees to instant message, share content, track progress and exchange ideas in video and audio meetings.



relevant employee tasks automatically, lifting clients’ productivity


one of West Africa’s first AI solutions, boosting Descasio’s competitiveness


Descasio’s brand and facilitates ongoing business expansion

Business challenge story

Low-level tasks drain productivity

Every day, there are dozens of small tasks that can distract employees from their valuable, productive work. What if there was a way to take away these pressures and free people to focus on the activities that really matter?

Enter Descasio, a leading cloud services provider that focuses on delivering enterprise-class solutions for organizations of all sizes across West Africa.

Dele Nedd, Co-Founder and CEO at Descasio, explains: “When we founded our business eight years ago, on-premises environments were widely regarded as the best way for IT to deliver services to the business. Around that time, cloud services began to explode in popularity, and we saw an opportunity to bring the benefits of the model to enterprises across West Africa—particularly for nimble start-ups who often lack the capital resources to build their own platforms in house.”

As its business has grown, Descasio has increased its focus on key solution areas such as collaboration.

“Cloud solutions help IT departments to stop wasting time on repetitive management tasks and focus instead on value-added service development—and collaboration solutions offer practically the same benefit for business users,” Dele Nedd continues.

“As mobile connectivity and smartphone ownership has taken off across Africa, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in people using messaging apps to drive their day-to-day work. While these apps offer greater speed and convenience than email, for the most part they’re not certified by or under control of the corporate IT function. This can introduce significant information security risks, and expose clients in some industries to compliance violations.”

Descasio saw an opportunity to extend its offerings with enterprise-class services that mirrored the benefits of popular messaging apps.

“We were on the lookout for a collaboration hub that could enhance our existing email services,” adds Dele Nedd. “As well as the flexibility to deliver the solution on desktops as well as iOS and Android devices, we wanted the ability to enforce rigorous best practices around data governance and security.”

By partnering with IBM, we’re building a next-generation, AI-driven collaboration offering that will set us apart from our competitors and drive our long-term growth.

—Dele Nedd, Co-Founder and CEO, Descasio

Transformation story

Delivering AI-powered collaboration

To achieve its goal, Descasio chose IBM Watson Workspace. Offering a comprehensive range of social business capabilities, including instant messaging, task tracking and content sharing, the solution fully supports iOS and Android mobile platforms—enabling people to work at their desks or on the move. In addition, IBM Watson Workspace is seamlessly integrated with Zoom video meetings, allowing Descasio to deliver an even richer collaboration experience. The partnership with Zoom enables Descasio’s IBM Watson Workspace users to turn any chat or direct message into a video meeting with the click of a button.

“One of the main reasons we chose IBM Watson Workspace is the artificial intelligence at its core,” recalls Dele Nedd. “We see that IBM is a leader in the AI space, and that expertise really shines through in the cognitive aspects of the Watson Workspace platform. For example, the solution can automatically generate top-level summaries of group discussions and even surface relevant next actions for each user’s projects. We are one of the first cloud services providers in West Africa to start delivering these kinds of capabilities, which gives us a valuable edge in our market.”

Today, Descasio is working with a team from IBM to integrate IBM Watson Workspace into its cloud services portfolio—enabling it to deliver the solution as a service to clients across the region.

“We engage with clients across a range of industries where data governance and security are prerequisites for regulatory compliance,” comments Dele Nedd. “With the expertise of a global business like IBM behind us, we strongly believe we will be able to demonstrate the solution can satisfy the stringent requirements of even our most demanding clients.

“Our work with IBM is in the early stages, but so far we’ve been extremely impressed by the team’s responsiveness—whenever we need guidance, we know the answers we need are only a phone call away.”

Results story

Getting more done

As it prepares to launch its IBM Watson Workspace solution, Descasio is confident that it is shaping a differentiated offering that will drive its growth across West Africa.

“We know from our discussions with clients that their employees are crying out for faster and more effective ways to work with their peers—which is why ‘shadow IT’ is becoming such a widespread phenomenon,” explains Dele Nedd. “By offering their employees instant messaging, video conferencing, file-sharing and more via our security-rich IBM Watson Workspace platform, our clients will be able to give their people a compelling alternative to insecure third-party messaging platforms. Better still, by utilizing AI-driven capabilities such as cognitive search, the solution will make it faster and easier than ever for users to find the information they need to get their work done.”

Descasio is already planning innovative ways to embed AI further into its cloud services—including the development of chatbots.

“One of the things that really excites us about IBM Watson as a platform is the ease with which we can build new solutions using APIs,” adds Dele Nedd. “We are now thinking about ways we can use IBM Watson APIs to create value-added solutions such as virtual assistants, which could help our clients’ employees to automate repetitive tasks and boost their efficiency further still.”

He concludes: “As enterprises across West Africa drive digital transformations, effective collaboration is only going to become more important—and we’re in a strong position to deliver those services. By partnering with IBM, we’re building a next-generation, AI-driven collaboration offering that will set us apart from our competitors and drive our long-term growth.”

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Founded in Lagos, Nigeria in 2010, Descasio is a leading cloud services provider focused on delivering enterprise cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes across West Africa. Through its partnerships with global cloud vendors, Descasio helps organizations reduce their IT costs, improve collaboration and improve employee productivity.

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