Business challenge

Millions of people pass through airports globally each day. Cyber threats, such as computer viruses and other malicious attacks, are an ever-present threat to airport security. Rapid discovery of a security breach in an airport system is key to minimizing the damage of a targeted attack. DIAL, which manages Indira Gandhi International Airport (IRI) in India, needed a reliable solution to serve as the backbone for a state-of-the-art security operations center and monitoring infrastructure that it could use to identify and address emerging threats in real time.


DIAL deployed a security solution that enhances security preparedness by sensing and prioritizing threats that pose the greatest risk and carry the potential to inflict heavy damage on public places like airports. It integrates security logs from applications and devices that were not supported by the previous system and provides actionable intelligence against attacks.


The solution offers a multitude of benefits and service enhancements that lead to more security-rich operations and higher resiliency for DIAL’s airport operations. The implementation of the NAB detection feature has increased coverage by more than 100 percent. The solution not only monitors security for approximately 150 servers, firewalls and security solutions, but also extends the visibility to security incidents on thousands of endpoint devices such as terminals, desktops and notebooks that are connected to the DIAL network. The organization has put in place security rules that give it advanced visualization and reporting capabilities that it can use to respond to potential security incidents proactively in real time 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Solution Category

  • Security Solutions
  • Solution Components

    • (GBS) Data and Application Security Services
    • GTS ITS Security Services: Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting (SIOC)
    • IBM Hosted Application Security Management
    • QRadar SIEM
    • T&T: Operations Planning and Optimization