24x7 stability

DATEV's members utilize the organization's software 24x7 to make critical calculations, often with highly sensitive data. DATEV must maintain the stability of its applications, and to do that, it must see errors before they occur.

Centralized event management

DATEV uses IBM Netcool Operations Insight and IBM Netcool/OMNIbus software to centrally manage millions of IT events and proactively prevent outages.

IBM Business Partner OpenAdvice worked with DATEV to implement the Netcool software.


30 million

IT events managed every day

Event storms handled

with nearly no delay

Centralized monitoring

that integrates with new technologies
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DATEV eG is a cooperative providing software and IT services that organizations across Germany use for accounting, tax computation, personnel management, and company organization. Through its 40,000 members, DATEV serves 300,000 customers who employ 13 million people. DATEV is based in Nuremberg and has approximately 6,400 employees along with 25 subsidiaries.

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