Business challenge

To delight customers, Skechers planned to deliver a seamless shopping experience across the web, in-store, and on mobile devices—putting shoppers in control to get the products they love faster.


Connecting corporate and store data enables Skechers’ evolution into an omnichannel business; IBM Cloudant database-as-a-service technology is helping the company to make its vision a reality.



shoppers with top-class experience, delivering competitive advantage


business agility by accelerating the development of new features


money by reducing data management overhead

Business challenge story

Getting a leg up on the competition

In the highly competitive footwear market, Skechers is a real success story, regularly achieving double-digit growth. To fuel further success, the company is focused on delivering an unrivalled customer experience—whether in stores, on the web, or on mobile devices.

Mark Beeson, Manager of Web Services at Skechers, shares the company’s vision: “We spotted an opportunity to provide even better service to customers by enabling them to order shoes on their smartphones, and collect their purchases in-store. Similarly, if a customer’s local store has sold out of their desired color and size combination, they should be able to order the goods online and have them delivered to their home.

“To turn this omnichannel vision into reality, we had to find a way to switch from batch to real-time data transfer between our corporate and store systems. That was a tall order, because we keep those systems separate to reduce the risk of sensitive payment data getting into the wrong hands.”

The cutting-edge IBM solution allows us to revolutionize shopper experiences, delighting customers.

—Mark Beeson, Manager of Web Services, Skechers

Transformation story

Finding the right fit

Skechers built a retail web core, which serves as the engine connecting its point-of-sale systems, website, customer relationship management solution, data warehouse, and integrated systems owned by third parties such as suppliers. IBM® Cloudant® Local acts as the supporting database, enabling real-time data transfer between the various systems.

“As a rapidly expanding company, any systems we deploy must be extremely scalable,” explains Beeson. “Cloudant Local runs on a cluster of low-cost x86 servers, and we can add or remove servers as our demand changes. We can also change the data model without worrying about how that affects the existing database. On top of that, Cloudant makes life much easier for our developers. They just have to conform to the solution’s HTTP JSON specification, and beyond that they can code without thinking about the database.”

Results story

Rapid insights

With the sophisticated IBM Cloudant solution in place, Skechers has enabled seamless switching between mobile and in-store channels, providing an outstanding customer experience. In addition, simplified development processes accelerate the creation and rollout of new services, sharpening Skechers’ ability to react fast to emerging customer demands. Building on its success, Skechers is now working on stepping up its analytics capabilities.

“Cloudant makes it easy to query data extremely quickly, helping us to develop a clearer picture of our customers in real time, and use those insights to drive smarter decision-making and personalized offers,” adds Beeson. “For example, if we can identify which of our 3,000 styles are selling best, we can predict the kinds of designs that are likely to generate the most revenues in future. The cutting-edge IBM solution allows us to revolutionize shopper experiences, delighting customers, and also paves the way to better strategic and operational decision-making in future. In an industry as competitive as ours, those capabilities are game-changing.”

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About Skechers

Founded in 1992 in California, Skechers designs, develops and markets over 3,000 styles of footwear for men, women and children. The company operates more than 500 stores globally, generates annual revenues of approximately USD2 billion, and employs over 6,800 people.

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  • Cloudant Local On-Prem

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