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Home Gallery’s business revolves around design. For each project, hundreds of drawings and 3D models must be created, reviewed and shared, which requires an effective document management process.


Home Gallery is using Box as a cloud-based content management platform, helping both internal and external stakeholders access and share files, and providing efficient protocols and workflows.



productivity by enabling a seamless flow of information between stakeholders


waste by improving collaboration throughout the design and build process


risk and maintains quality standards with end-to-end traceability

Business challenge story

Turning dreams into reality

Home Gallery was founded to realize a unique vision. When you are designing and building a new home, you can specify every aspect of the structure – the size of the rooms, the shape of the windows, the height of the ceilings, and so on. But when it comes to décor and furniture, you usually need to choose from a limited range of options that were not designed with your individual home in mind. Home Gallery asks why homeowners should settle for a sofa that only more-or-less fits the space available, or a table that doesn’t properly match the detailing of the other furnishings. When you can customize the fabric of the building, why can’t you customize every aspect of the interior as well? Mr. Saleh Lootah, CEO of Home Gallery, explains: “I spent some years working in design and procurement for the hotel development industry, where everything can be specified and custom-built. My dream was to bring the same level of choice and customization to all homeowners. “Traditionally, the main barrier to customization in the home interiors market has been the high price of custom furniture, but I realized that cost doesn’t need to be a problem if the design process is managed carefully. And I believe that once clients have enjoyed the experience of getting exactly what they want from their interior designers, they will never want to buy generic furniture again.” This revolutionary approach could potentially disrupt the whole home furnishings and interior design industry – and if that happens, Home Gallery will be ahead of its competitors and in a unique position to capitalize. But first, the company needs to ensure that its own business model is as lean and efficient as possible, to help it operate profitably as a challenger brand in the industry.  

Box will empower us to help our clients build homes they have always dreamed of, while maximizing productivity and minimizing waste.

Mr. Saleh Lootah, CEO, Home Gallery

Transformation story

Creating seamless business processes

Above all, Home Gallery’s business is centered around design – an iterative process of working with clients to define, visualize, refine and approve a unique look for their home, and then working with construction specialists and artisans to turn that look into reality. The end-to-end design and build process generates large amounts of information – from initial sketches to detailed 3D models to specification documents for individual pieces of furniture and fittings. “We literally customize the client’s home from top to bottom – starting with the ceiling, and working through the doors, the walls, the flooring and the furniture,” says Mr. Lootah. “Since every element is designed and made to order – we even provide custom-made hand-tufted carpets with any color and design – the amount of documentation we generate is huge. “To manage all this information and make sure the right people can access it – including our own employees, external designers and contractors, and clients – we turned to Box, from IBM. Box gives us a powerful cloud-based platform for document storage and sharing, and we are building it into a set of custom workflows and applications that help us manage every project and client request from end to end.” For example, the company is planning to develop an app for mobile and tablet devices that will enable its customer-facing employees – or even potentially its customers themselves – to access design documents easily online from wherever they are. As much of the company’s business involves visiting clients at their homes or at construction sites, the ability to access data easily and securely in the cloud is potentially a major advantage. Mr. Lootah adds: “As a small company, it’s important to keep our IT budget under tight control, and Box offers a flexible commercial model that allows us to start small and scale up. Unlike many enterprise content management platforms, it is affordable, and does not require significant up-front investment.” He continues: “Our business is very focused on relationships; we put a lot of time and effort into giving our clients the best possible experience, and we want to work with suppliers who put the same amount of care into their dealings with us. In IBM, we have found a partner that has the same culture – the Box support team really listens and appreciates our relationship – and that’s just as important as having the right technology.”  

Results story

Unleashing design creativity

With the Box platform integrated into the heart of its business processes, Home Gallery is now in a strong position to optimize its internal operations and streamline customer journeys.Mr. Lootah comments: “The processes and protocols we are developing around Box will empower us to help our clients build and decorate the homes they have always dreamed of, while maximizing productivity and minimizing re-work and waste. The more efficient we can make our internal processes, the less cost we will incur – and therefore the lower we can make our prices for our customers. “This is helping us transform the way people think of home design. Fully customized interior furnishings used to be the preserve of the super-rich – but we’re bringing them within reach of a much wider customer-base.”As Home Gallery continues to develop new functionalities on top of the Box solution, it will be able to increase productivity even further. “We’re building Box into the logic of our core applications, and combining it with algorithms and business rules that will help us increase or even multiply the productivity of our human resources,” says Mr. Lootah. “Analyzing our processes and experimenting with new ways of working will help us continue to evolve at a faster pace than our competitors and maintain our position at the leading edge of the industry.”He concludes: “With IBM on our side, we are confident that we have the right technology platform and the right partner to lead the way in transforming our industry and turning our clients’ dreams into reality.”
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About Home Gallery

Home Gallery, located in the United Arab Emirates, is a private, family-owned company that specializes in high-end consumer interior product design and implementation. The company engages designers throughout the world to create living spaces that appeal to its customers’ discriminating tastes.

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