Business Challenge

To meet its aim of delivering goods to customers within 24 hours of receiving each order, South Shore Furniture must maintain lean and efficient supply-chain operations.


South Shore Furniture dramatically accelerated order processing and fulfilment by upgrading its SAP® Business Suite and SAP Business Warehouse applications to SAP HANA® running on IBM® POWER8®.


8x faster

transaction processing translates into speedy deliveries to customers


availability gives customers a hassle-free shopping experience


the way to enhanced analytics, the Internet of Things, Big Data and more

About South Shore Furniture

South Shore Furniture is a North American furniture manufacturer, operating plants in Canada and Mexico and a distribution center in the United States.

Solution Components

  • IBM Power Systems E850
  • IBM-SAP Alliance
  • Retail: Smarter Merchandising and Supply Networks
  • Retail: Smarter Operations
  •  Power Systems
  •  Power Systems running Linux – SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

Take the Next Step

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