We can literally build integration capabilities at about a third of the cost that we could four years ago

Claus Jensen, CTO, CVS Health Corporation

Business Challenge

CVS Health wanted to transform their business but realized that in order to achieve this they needed to understand and integrate their entire ecosystem. They took an ‘outside-in’ perspective to understand the needs of the people they serve and what data would be required to drive the transformation. They would need to develop an API-centric strategy and API ecosystem with flexibility to accommodate different environments: on premise, private cloud, and various public clouds.


Claus Jensen is the CTO for CVS Health who helped to guide the company on a business transformation and hybrid cloud journey that started with reconsidering their entire approach to integration. They took a holistic approach to hybrid cloud integration that included patterns, practices, specialized skills and technology to reduce integration costs by two thirds. They were able to integrate their entire ecosystem and be positioned to transform the way that CVS provides service to their clients and partners.


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