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To drive growth, Crystal wanted to boost client retention and loyalty. How could it identify the invisible business networks that enable its top talent to deliver outstanding services?


Crystal enhanced its IBM® Notes solution with TrustSphere relationship analytics—enabling it to uncover the social business connections that its top talent to use to deliver exceptional experiences.



faster identification of at-risk client relationships


increase in client retention


faster onboarding for new client reps

Business challenge story

Capitalizing on explosive growth

For specialist businesses such as Crystal Anugerah Abadi, economic growth is a powerful catalyst for expansion—if they can move faster than their competitors.

“Our core market in Indonesia is growing explosively, and demand for the specialist industrial products and services we provide is booming,” says Sofjan Arsjad, Chairman, Crystal Anugerah Abadi. “As a result, we have expanded our domestic operations widely over the last two years, and our footprint is now larger than ever.”

He continues: “With the market moving so quickly, competition is intense. To maintain our rapid rate of growth, our aim is to win new clients and ensure that we continue to deliver the outstanding levels of service that keep our existing clients satisfied. If we are unable to deliver high-quality services, we risk losing valued clients to our competitors.”

Crystal serves its clients via a distributed team of sales and technical personnel across Indonesia. As its business growth accelerated, the company aimed to nurture the loyalty of its clients by gaining deeper insight into their unique requirements.

“Our sales and technical personnel are one of the key components in delivering a high-quality service to our clients,” continues Sofjan Arsjad. “As we began to expand into new regions, we needed both to bring new sales and technical representatives into the company, and to transfer our experienced personnel to help service new accounts.

“Typically, it would take between six to eight months for new personnel to become familiar with their roles—and it was a challenge to maintain a consistent level of service throughout the transition period. In addition, the change in account teams increased the risk of losing valuable knowledge about individual client needs, which reduced our ability to offer them other value-added services.”

For many years, Crystal has relied on IBM Notes and Domino solutions to drive collaboration across the organization. The company realized that its employees’ patterns of communication could offer valuable actionable insight into how its top talent managed their clients—if it could analyze the data.

“We know that our people use large networks of internal and external contacts to perform their roles effectively—but much of this information was lost whenever someone changed jobs,” explains Sofjan Arsjad. “We wanted to discover the invisible business networks that help our top talent to deliver outstanding services, and use that insight to enable people joining an account for the first time to better understand the client’s needs.”  

The TrustSphere relationship analytics solution delivered by Prisma strengthens our ability to deliver high-quality services to our clients.

Sofjan Arsjad, Director, Crystal Anugerah Abadi

Transformation story

Gaining insight into hidden relationships

To achieve its goal, Crystal decided to augment its IBM Domino environment with TrustView—a patented relationship analytics platform developed by IBM Business Partner TrustSphere. TrustView analyzes millions of Domino logs and discovers relationships between employees and external partners that would otherwise be hidden.

“We quickly recognized that TrustView had the potential to transform our approach to succession management,” comments Sofjan Arsjad. “Better still, because the solution is fully compatible with our IBM Notes and Domino platform, we saw an opportunity to maximize our investment in the IBM collaboration platform.”

To implement the solution, Crystal worked closely with IBM Premier Business Partner Prisma Global Solusi—TrustSphere’s strategic integration partner in Indonesia.

Rommy Agustinus, Founding Director, Prisma Global Solusi, comments: “Our partnership with TrustSphere and IBM has helped us add value to our customers’ investments in IBM Domino and IBM Connections solutions. By combining TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics with IBM collaboration solutions, we enable our clients to unlock the benefit of data in their business social networks.”

Sofjan Arsjad adds: “The solution integration process was extremely rapid—within a matter of days, we were consuming reports on our Domino communications data. We were immediately impressed by the actionable insight we obtained.”

TrustView enables Crystal’s management teams to make data-driven decisions based on reports and visualization tools that show the strength, frequency and speed of communication between external and internal parties. By identifying patterns of communication, Crystal can easily identify the top talent—or “influencers”—within its social business network.

“We discovered an average of three additional ‘hidden’ relationships for every one relationship we knew about,” continues Sofjan Arsjad. “By getting access to these insights using TrustSphere’s solution on IBM Notes, we enable our teams to start asking questions such as: ‘Are our clients receiving the expected quality of service?’, ‘which contacts does a sales representative need to deliver the best client experience?’ and ‘what can we do to improve client satisfaction?’”  

Results story

Enhancing client services, driving loyalty

By transforming its IBM Notes and Domino solution into a rich source of analytics, Crystal is gaining the insights it needs to drive growth in a competitive marketplace.

“Today, we have a 360-degree view of all communications between our brand and our clients, across every business unit, without infringing the privacy of our employees,” says Sofjan Arsjad. “In the past, it was difficult for us to determine if the relationship between a representative and a client was working well. We now use contextual data to pinpoint the level of trust that each client has in us. Because this insight is available instantly, we can take action 60 percent faster to ensure that every client receives a high-quality service, which has already contributed to a 30 percent increase in client retention.”

He continues: “TrustSphere’s relationship analytics insights are also helping us to shape a seamless succession management process. Whereas previously a new representative joining an account had to spend months discovering all the contacts that their predecessor worked with, today we can deliver this information to them from day one—enabling us to complete the succession process within as little as two weeks, 75 percent faster than before.”

With a greater understanding of its clients and their unique business requirements, Crystal is creating substantial business opportunities.

“Before, it was possible for two representatives to be delivering different services to the same client, but not to be in direct contact,” explains Sofjan Arsjad. “Because we can now identify those situations, we can help our people to pool their knowledge of the account. In many cases, these conversations have resulted in successful sales of additional services that clients might not otherwise have considered. The more of our services that a client uses, the more likely they are to remain loyal to our brand—and we are very pleased with the commercial benefits we are seeing from TrustSphere’s relationship analytics platform.”

Crystal is now gaining tight control of risk and compliance across every part of the organization.

“Risk management is an important discipline in an industry as competitive as ours, and it’s important that we minimize the potential for data breaches,” adds Sofjan Arsjad. “We can now detect patterns of communication that fall outside our security best practices—for example, employees using free cloud email services to send links and attachments rather than our secure IBM Domino network—and take action to bring our employees back into compliance.”

He concludes: “We see that our domestic market will continue to move fast, and understanding our clients’ changing needs will become even more important to maintain our industry-leading position. Without question, the TrustSphere relationship analytics solution delivered by Prisma strengthens our ability to deliver high-quality services to our clients.”  

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About Crystal

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, Crystal Anugerah Abadi is a world-leading technical services company that provides value-added chemical products and services for water treatment, life sciences and papermaking. Employing a large number of people across business functions, Crystal serves an extensive client base across Indonesia.

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