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Many organizations want to harness the power of data analysis, but lack the technical expertise to get started. How could Cresco help companies kickstart their analytics journey?


By sharing decades of expertise implementing IBM data science solutions, Cresco is helping more companies harness data to manage operations effectively, increase profits and improve customer service.



saved in overtime costs for one distributor with improved workforce planning

Over $100 million

in increased revenue for certain clients deploying IBM solutions


increase in revenue and 30% improvement in margins achieved by some clients

Business challenge story

Ingredients for growth in the digital world

No matter the industry, organizations across the globe are always looking for new ways to boost profit, reduce costs and enhance their operations. The route to increased commercial success can often be hidden deep within enterprise data—but many companies find that unlocking these insights lies beyond their technical capabilities.

Award-winning analytics solutions and services provider, Cresco International, is well aware of the transformative impact of effective data analysis on helping companies to achieve their full potential.

Sanjeev Datta, Principal & CEO of Cresco International, explains: “Data has been key to helping companies plan, execute and measure their growth strategies for generations. But with the volume and complexity of data increasing each day, the traditional spreadsheet-based analysis methods that companies have depended on for decades are no longer viable.

“Organizations recognize this, which is why they are adopting much more powerful analytics solutions such as data science. But, getting started on your data science journey can often be difficult—especially if you lack technical expertise in-house.”

Equally, some companies may already utilize data science solutions to improve efficiency, spot new opportunities and minimize risk, but they frequently struggle to get the most out of these tools.

“Not every company has difficulty getting started with data science, but a significant amount become stuck somewhere along the way,” continues Datta. “That’s why we’ve made it our goal to provide companies with the tools and training they require to take their data science & decision optimization efforts to the next level.”

We help clients to achieve faster return on their investment in IBM Analytics software and to maximize the value delivered by these solutions.

Sanjeev Datta, Principal & CEO, Cresco International

Transformation story

Sharing the transformative power of data science and business analytics

Drawing on decades of experience working with cutting edge analytics technology, Cresco helps companies tool up to face the demands of the digital age.

To achieve this, Cresco offers a range of IBM solutions on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, including IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Watson Studio, IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Decision Optimization and IBM Watson Analytics. The company also makes use of IBM Analytics software as the foundation of a number of proprietary analytics solutions, which harness IBM Db2 database technology and runs in the IBM Cloud.

Datta elaborates: “We work exclusively with IBM technology because IBM offers a truly fantastic variety of solutions. Having utilized IBM solutions for many years, we have seen first-hand the milestones that companies can reach with IBM technology.

“We also work with IBM because they are committed to making it easier for companies that are new to analytics technology to leverage IBM solutions. For instance, the intuitive user interface and strong data governance layer of IBM Cognos Analytics, means that users don’t have to be data scientists to use the solution effectively.

“What’s more, the self-service features of IBM Cognos Analytics empower companies to make faster decisions, as different departments no longer have to wait for IT staff to build models or run queries on their behalf.”

Over time, Cresco has developed its data science and analytics models into deployable solutions, branded as Humming Sales, which clients can easily plug and play.

Datta explains: “Humming Sales allows clients to select our solution layers, from databases to machine learning engines and visualizations built on IBM Cloud. They give clients greater flexibility and help them become self-sufficient in the solution very quickly. is where we start our clients on this journey.”

Embracing the cloud model enables Cresco International to bring the latest IBM software within easy reach of all clients, including small- and medium-sized enterprises who may once have found enterprise technology to be out of their price point.

“Through the IBM Cloud, companies can easily access enterprise-grade technologies that were previously restricted to big firms with big budgets,” says Datta. “For instance, our clients can buy a subscription to the IBM service of their choice and get up-and-running very quickly. And when we help companies tailor solutions to their needs, we can easily combine technologies in the IBM Cloud—helping clients achieve a fast time to market and a rapid return on investment.”

We are proud to partner with IBM to help businesses innovate for the digital age. At the end of the day, when our clients win, we succeed too.

Sanjeev Datta, Principal & CEO, Cresco International

Results story

Data-driven business evolution

By sharing its expertise and helping companies deploy IBM Analytics technology, Cresco empowers clients to streamline their operations, boost revenues and achieve their true potential for development.

Datta explains: “Every day we help companies evolve their operations. Take the example of a leading distributor in the automotive business. The company wanted to ensure it had the right products delivered on time to the right customers. We worked with them to analyze their customers’ purchasing behavior, so they can see which products were purchased in which locations at what times.

“With this insight, our client was able to optimize stock placement in both its warehouses and retail stores, enabling the company to ensure that it wasn’t stocking too much or too little in each of its locations.”

He adds: “Following the success of this project, our client engaged us to help them optimize their workforce planning too. We developed machine learning algorithms that enabled the company to identify peaks in demand, so they could tailor their staff scheduling accordingly. This has helped our client to avoid unnecessary overtime spending, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

In another recent example, Cresco helped Dallas Area Transit (DART) encourage more passengers to ride its light rail, streetcar and bus services.

“By looking at historical ridership patterns and factors that decreased and increased passenger numbers, such as bad weather conditions or a state fair day, we supported DART to spot trends in how people use their services,” says Datta.

With a greater understanding of passenger habits, DART can now plan its services with a much greater degree of accuracy and in line with significant events and changes in the weather—supporting a more effective use of resources.

Experts at Cresco apply their expertise in IBM analytics and data science solutions to help clients in many other sectors make use of data in new ways and achieve impressive outcomes.

“We help clients to achieve faster return on their investment in IBM software and to maximize the value delivered by these solutions,” explains Sanjeev Datta. “In certain cases, we’ve helped clients boost revenues by 10 percent and improve their margins by 30 percent.”

Datta concludes: “Each time we help organizations take their analytics journey to the next stage with IBM solutions, we help them discover a host of potential avenues for them to drive business development and achieve operational excellence. We are proud to partner with IBM to help businesses innovate for the digital age. At the end of the day, when our clients win, we succeed too."

About Cresco International

Cresco International started out as a consulting firm leveraging enterprise software and internal skills to solve business challenges for clients across the globe. Today, they have helped hundreds of clients transform their businesses with Analytics and Data driven technologies, strategically and technically supported by a team of Industry experts. Their goal is to continue developing technology backed solutions helping clients benefit from their investments in software and proving out the highest return on their investments.

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