Business challenge

To bring its platform for optimizing indoor plant growth to market, CoolFarm S.A. needed high-performance hosting infrastructure and expertise from a trusted cloud provider.


Joining the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, CoolFarm deployed a hybrid IBM Cloud hosting infrastructure and incorporated an IBM Cloud service for weather forecasting capabilities.


Cutting-edge technology

to run data-intensive workloads and algorithms for the CoolFarm growth optimization solution

Expertise and support

from IBM Cloud resources to design cloud infrastructure and quickly go to market

Global IBM reputation

for hosting reliability and data security that bolsters CoolFarm’s value proposition

Business challenge story

Seeking powerful cloud technology and expertise

In 2014, two doctoral students at Portugal’s University of Coimbra developed a highly effective solution for optimizing indoor plant growth. The sensor-based system gathered information on air temperature, humidity, water flow and other critical variables, crunching data and applying proprietary algorithms to fine-tune greenhouse growing conditions.

Forming CoolFarm, the students wanted to team with a trusted cloud provider to bring the offering to market. “We had a lot of background in research and robotics, but we didn’t have a lot of experience running a production cloud system,” says CoolFarm chief executive officer Gonçalo Cabrita.

As a small company, we can go to market with IBM and customers trust that their data is safe and secure.

Gonçalo Cabrita, Chief Executive Officer, CoolFarm S.A.

Transformation story

Deploying hybrid IBM Cloud infrastructure

Moving to Lisbon, Portugal, for a startup exploration program, CoolFarm assessed Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Lunacloud and IBM Cloud infrastructure solutions. “The hands-on approach from the IBM Cloud team was part of what motivated us to choose IBM,” says Cabrita. “But IBM Cloud bare metal servers were the deal maker. Only IBM offered the bare metal servers and state-of-the-art GPU [graphics processing unit] technology we needed to run our algorithms.”

CoolFarm joined the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, deploying a hybrid IBM Cloud hosting infrastructure that combines bare metal and virtual resources to support the company’s data-intensive workloads. Additionally, CoolFarm taps in to an IBM Cloud service, IBM Insights for Weather, to incorporate weather forecasting capabilities in its offering.

Results story

Optimizing indoor farming for customers worldwide

With powerful cloud technology and expert guidance, IBM helped CoolFarm launch its solution for indoor farmers worldwide. “The help we got from the IBM Cloud team in envisioning and designing our infrastructure was instrumental in getting everything up and running,” says Cabrita.

By hosting its platform in an IBM Cloud environment, CoolFarm bolsters its value proposition for a market segment concerned about data protection. “In the farming industry, people are very strict about data security,” says Cabrita. “Having the IBM name behind our platform gives us a lot of credibility. As a small company, we can go to market with IBM and customers trust that their data is safe and secure.”


CoolFarm S.A.

Headquartered in Coimbra, Portugal, CoolFarm S.A. offers innovative control systems for indoor farming. Bringing together scientists, technology experts and business leaders, the company delivers turnkey solutions designed to help greenhouse and warehouse farmers grow plants more efficiently and effectively for maximum profitability.

Solution components

  • IBM Bluemix
  • IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

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