Business Challenge story

About 85% of Constant Contacts 600,000 customers have fewer than 10 employees. These resource strapped small businesses were sending their email campaigns to customers without any consideration for best timing of those emails, to yield the best results (opens, click-through etc) for their customer segment.


This implementation strictly involves using BigInsights to analyze 35 billion e mails for the right day and time for Constant Contact's clients to send outreach to their customers. Constant Contact is even expanding their use of the software to analyze the content of the e mails for effectiveness. They have experienced tremendous performance improvement in their business as well as improvement in their clients' email marketing campaigns. Business Partner Persistent Systems helped with this sale and implementation.


Improved big data analysis performance by more than 40 times its previous rate;Reduced wait time from hours to seconds; Increased client campaign effectiveness by almost 25%.

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud