Business challenge

CMC Technology & Solution Company Limited (CMC TS) customers lacked security resources to run daily tasks and operate security systems continuously.


The Vietnamese technology company incorporated IBM Security SOAR, previously Resilient, and IBM Security QRadar Advisor with Watson software into its client offerings.


Empowers organizations

to increase revenue without sacrificing core values

Provides 24x7 security coverage

to manage compliance with security regulations

Integrates seamlessly

into existing security and IT infrastructure

Business challenge story

Seeking dependable security solutions

For over 27 years, CMC TS in Vietnam has aimed to continuously enhance its customer experience. As a leading technology and solutions company, CMC TS’s operation, value and mission is digital transformation. The tech provider routinely seeks out and implements the latest trustworthy solutions and services for its customers.

“We always want to bring innovations to market and that requires us to come up with new and helpful solutions for customers,” says Dinh Tran Doan Trang, Saigon Marketing Executive at CMC TS. “As our customers need a more holistic solution, we look to invest in trustworthy security technology.”

CMC TS’s customers fall into two categories — the enterprise clientele and the banking and finance clientele — and each has different security needs. Its enterprise patrons require strong data security. As a customer’s business develops and its data rapidly grows, data security needs to be ramped up and implemented at the core of the information system. CMC TS’s customers seek out experienced security experts that can operate 24x7, allowing these businesses to strengthen and confidently expand.

Banking and finance customers look to CMC TS for powerful security components that meet the regulations and requirements of the Security of Information System in Banking activities brought about by the State Bank of Vietnam. These companies also need CMC TS to deliver security solutions and services that can adapt to the existing security systems set in place at their establishments.

We need comprehensive solutions for our customers that can monitor a system with a fast response to identify vulnerabilities and new threats.

Dinh Tran Doan Trang, Saigon Marketing Executive, CMC Technology & Solution Company Limited

Transformation story

Simplifying complex processes

CMC TS sought out more comprehensive security solutions that would aid in modernizing its security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service offerings. One primary requirement was that a new platform could be smoothly integrated into its customers’ existing security and IT infrastructures, resulting in little or no interruption of service. “Compatibility is the highest priority when choosing products,” explains Trang. “We decided to go with IBM because IBM technologies provide comprehensive and synchronized solutions to our customers.”

Continuing its longstanding relationship with IBM, the company incorporated IBM Security SOAR, previously Resilient, and QRadar Advisor with Watson software into its customer offerings. Using these IBM technologies, CMC TS can provide its customers with robust security tools.

“Implementation was a success,” adds Trang. “CMC TS is the first company in Vietnam with an intelligent view security operations center with IBM cognitive products.”

IBM Security SOAR software empowers security teams by giving them a central hub for cybersecurity incident response and improving team collaboration by enabling in-platform notifications and information sharing. A significant advantage of using the platform is how easily CMC TS SOC customers can navigate the solution and extend their ecosystems’ value.

With QRadar software, CMC TS customers can automate routine SOC tasks, find commonalities across investigations, provide feedback to analysts in real time and increase analyst efficiency by freeing up time for more critical security investigations.

IBM technologies provide comprehensive and synchronized solutions to our customers.

Dinh Tran Doan Trang, Saigon Marketing Executive, CMC Technology & Solution Company Limited

Results story

Increasing revenues and scaling

CMC TS achieved multiple effective outcomes for its customers since adding QRadar Advisor with Watson and IBM Security SOAR software to its offerings. Together, the solutions have allowed CMC TS to continuously protect customer business information systems by securing business systems and data 24x7 to help manage compliance with security regulations.

The organization has since broken free from security operating hassles using the IBM advanced monitoring technologies, enhancing its capacity to provide more solutions to customers. In addition, CMC TS can empower organizations to increase revenue and focus on company core values.

“We are now able to provide customers with a better SOC solution that they can easily adapt and connect to,” says Trang. “It doesn’t require them to apply any special tools before use and gives them peace of mind on the technology, procedure and expense control.”

IBM and CMC TS have been partners for more than 10 years and we receive a lot of support from the team in getting familiar with security offerings.

Dinh Tran Doan Trang, Saigon Marketing Executive, CMC Technology & Solution Company Limited

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CMC Technology & Solution Company Limited

Founded in 1995, CMC TS (external link) is the second largest information technology and telecommunications corporation in Vietnam. Headquartered in Hanoi, CMC TS provides a full range of services: data service, IT managed services, information security, cloud computing and many more IT solution services. The company aims to become a partner in digital transformation for government agencies, organizations and businesses.

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