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The City of Marietta, Georgia, had a public-facing digital presence that it needed to defend against a continual assault of potentially malicious digital incursions. The volume of anomalous network activity, ranging from simple irregularities to serious security breaches, required constant, resource-intensive vigilance, which taxed the city’s small security team.


To secure both its network and citizen confidence, the city deployed a sophisticated intelligence solution that integrates security information and event management (SIEM), log management, anomaly detection and configuration, and vulnerability management to identify and frustrate the most severe security events. The solution integrates sophisticated number-correlation functions and complex, security based algorithms to identify and isolate anomalous activity within the tremendous volumes of data collected and stored across the city’s operations.



50 percent in labor resources and costs


security response time to breaches by 40 percent


the number of hours required to attend to security issues by 18 percent

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Real Business Results

With the system, the City of Marietta can capture and analyze millions of security events per week, culling those events to the several dozen most severe and actionable offenses and reducing the organization’s security management activity to the most pressing threats. The solution reduced by 40 percent the security response time to breaches and slashed by 18 percent the number of hours required to attend to security issues.

The new network solution amplifies the effectiveness of the city’s IT security team, helping it save 50 percent in labor resources and costs, by centralizing surveillance on dozens of disparate systems from different vendors in a single view.

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About City of Marietta, Georgia

Established in 1834, Marietta, Georgia, is located just 15 miles northwest of Atlanta. The municipality’s economic development initiatives, police and fire departments, parks and recreation facilities, public works, environmental services, and power utility and water departments serve approximately 57,000 citizens and roughly 6,500 businesses. A city manager oversees daily operations, managing approximately 730 employees in 10 departments.

Solution Components

  • (GBS) X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services
  • IBM Global Technology Services
  • QRadar Log Manager
  • QRadar SIEM

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