Business challenge

Chrismi Cloud Consultancy saw an opportunity to upskill Australian workers with in-demand AI and cloud computing expertise. How could it offer them a cost-effective platform to develop these skills?


The company teamed up with SpectrumIT Services to build a cloud platform on IBM Power Systems S821LC servers, offering a high-density footprint that can handle compute-intensive workloads efficiently.



clients to the company by upskilling them with in-demand abilities


short time-to-market with support of IBM and SpectrumIT Services


competitive pricing via cost-effective technology

Business challenge story

Finding an opening in a crowded market

No matter how competitive the marketplace, if you identify an unfulfilled need, you can succeed. Looking to carve a niche for itself, Australian startup Chrismi Cloud consultancy recognized that demand for AI and cloud computing applications was far outstripping supply.

Dr. Mary Tom, Founder of Chrismi Cloud Consultancy, explains: “Cloud computing and AI are two of the hottest areas in business innovation today, yet companies are struggling to find people with the right experience. Until now, barriers to developing and testing applications incorporating these technologies have been too high. Access to the powerful infrastructure you need has been restricted to those with deep pockets.”

By bringing these skills and capabilities to people at affordable prices, Chrismi Cloud Consultancy could attract customers in a crowded marketplace. At the same time, the company could help address the issue of underemployment in Australia.

“While Australia has achieved year-on-year economic growth for 26 years, underemployment is also at a record high,” says Dr. Tom. “By creating a low-cost, cloud-based, open source platform designed for testing and developing applications featuring AI and cloud elements, we could get Chrismi Cloud Computing off to a flying start and benefit Australian society. To bring our vision to life, we began looking for high-performance yet cost-efficient infrastructure, and technical expertise.”

Transformation story

Leveraging powerful, open technology

Chrismi Cloud Consultancy deployed an IBM Power Systems S821LC server as the basis of its innovative cloud platform, building a sandbox environment for the test and development of AI and cloud applications. By taking advantage of the efficient infrastructure and economies of scale, the company can invite customers to take up its services at highly competitive prices. The company engaged IBM Business Partner SpectrumIT Services to assist with solution configuration and implementation.

“I’ve used IBM technology in the past, and have always been struck by the quality of the design and the reliability,” comments Dr. Tom. “We engaged with IBM and one other vendor during the solution selection process, and it was obvious that IBM would offer us far more support both directly and through its partner, SpectrumIT Services.”

The company chose to run the Ubuntu Linux operating system on the IBM Power Systems server. The solution combines high-density computing with open standards, giving Chrismi Cloud Consultancy a powerful platform that is relatively easy to adopt.

“As an open system, there’s an abundance of information about IBM Power Systems S821LC solutions around,” says Dr. Tom. “If we need technical support or troubleshooting, there are community websites we can turn to for help, and there’s always SpectrumIT Services.”

The IBM solution packs a huge amount of computing power in a small footprint, allowing us to offer very competitive pricing.

Dr. Mary Tom, Founder, Chrismi Cloud Consultancy Pty. Ltd.

Results story

Democratizing access to leading-edge skills

Through its new development platform for AI and cloud computing applications, Chrismi Cloud Consultancy is removing obstacles to gaining experience that is highly in-demand by businesses. As a result, the company appeals to potential customers and plays a role in reducing underemployment in Australia.

“We’re very keen to support Australia’s national agenda to develop skills in the cloud,” explains Dr. Tom. “At the same time, choosing IBM solutions is helping us attract new users to our solutions, so that we can start building market share.”

By drawing on support from IBM, SpectrumIT Services and open source resources, Chrismi Cloud Consultancy has decreased time-to-market for its new offering. Dr. Tom comments: “The IBM Power Systems S821LC is designed for compute-intensive workloads, making it ideal for our needs. We were able to take advantage of backing from many sources to start using the platform to its full potential fast.”

With highly efficient, compact infrastructure that is easy to manage, Chrismi Cloud Consultancy can offer competitive prices compared to other cloud services providers. The startup is already looking to the future, exploring the creation of computational intelligence applications for commercial use. The company’s long-term goal is to develop a website that helps people use open source software and to engage with local business to build a community that promotes knowledge sharing and best practices.

Dr. Tom concludes: “The IBM solution packs a huge amount of computing power in a small footprint, allowing us to offer very competitive pricing. Now that we’re bringing AI and cloud computing skills to a new audience, we can look to our next goal: fostering use of open source solutions. Along the way, we’re confident that IBM and SpectrumIT Services will help us continue to break down barriers to gaining cloud and AI skills in the Australian workforce.”

We’re very keen to support Australia’s national agenda to develop skills in the cloud. At the same time, choosing IBM solutions is helping us attract new users to our solutions, so that we can start building market share.

Dr. Mary Tom, Founder , Chrismi Cloud Consultancy Pty. Ltd.

Chrismi Cloud Consultancy

Established in 2017, Chrismi Cloud Consultancy Pty. Ltd. enables users to create innovative applications based on open source software through a cloud-based platform. The company is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.

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