Business Challenge story

To grow market share, Charmacy Pharmaceutical wanted to reach new customers beyond southern China. How could the firm achieve this?


To manage growing data volumes and uncover valuable insights in real time, Charmacy Pharmaceutical selected SAP HANA® on IBM® Power Systems™.



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Business challenge story

Expanding the business

Charmacy Pharmaceutical aimed to expand its share of the distribution market beyond southern China. With a growing network of suppliers, partners and customers, the company faced rising data volumes relating to product supply, stock levels, and customer demand.

Yuyan Zheng, CMO at Charmacy Pharmaceutical, explains: “We need to anticipate when demand for particular medicines will grow, and when clinics and hospitals we supply are running low. On top of that, we must ensure we have enough medical products stored and ready for dispatch, and update our suppliers on our inventory levels.”

Charmacy Pharmaceutical wanted to understand its sales, distribution and stock levels in much greater detail and, if possible, report real-time status. With existing analysis and reporting solutions at or near capacity, how could Charmacy gain the insight it wanted?

With SAP HANA on Power we’re strengthening our place in the market and can deliver healthcare to customers beyond southern China.

Jianbo Fan, CTO, Charmacy Pharmaceutical

Transformation story

Teaming up with IBM and SAP

To manage growing data volumes and uncover valuable insights in real time, Charmacy Pharmaceutical chose to deploy SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, running on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications operating system, as its solution for handling big data. The integrated, in-memory platform allows the company to manage hugely complex data sets covering procurement, logistics, warehousing, distribution and customer relations.

Yuyan Zheng picks up: “The exceptional experience and track record of IBM and SAP really impressed us. They offered a far superior solution to others we considered, and were able to deliver the stable infrastructure we need to support critical big data analysis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Additionally, key to the decision to choose the Power Systems platform was the potential for dynamic partitioning and to scale out with 16 additional nodes. These features enable the company to allocate compute resources to specific business functions, and to expand the network as operations grow.

Results story

Driving the business forward

With the implementation of SAP HANA on Power, running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, Charmacy Pharmaceutical enjoys accelerated decision making processes informed by big data. The in-memory platform deepens insight into the needs of hospitals, clinics and retail pharmacies, so that the company can stay ahead of the demand for medical supplies and improve customer experience.  

Customer, distribution and inventory information is fully integrated, helping Charmacy Pharmaceutical ensure its supplier partners are informed when additional stocks are needed to keep pace with patient demand.     

Jianbo Fan, CTO at Charmacy Pharmaceutical, concludes: “Thanks to support from IBM we are harnessing the power of big data to drive our business forward and attract new customers. With SAP HANA on Power we’re strengthening our place in the market and can deliver healthcare to customers beyond southern China, with a view of expanding globally.”    

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Charmacy Pharmaceutical

Founded in 1984 and based in Guangdong Province, Charmacy Pharmaceutical is one of the leading pharmaceutical distribution companies in southern China. The company supplies medicines, medical apparatus and healthcare products to other distributors, pharmacy stores, hospitals, clinics, and health centers. With distribution centers in Foshan and Shantou and its own transportation fleet, Charmacy Pharmaceutical generated sales turnover of 3,397 billion yuan in 2015 (USD 490 million).

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  • HC: Health and Healthcare Innovation
  • IBM Power Systems S822
  • IBM Power Systems S822L
  • IBM-SAP Alliance
  • LS: Intelligent Platforms

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