In the past, the platforms that we use, we struggled to deliver even in three months or six months… Everything that we’ve done today with the APIs, with hybrid, with DevOps, allows us to deliver faster…to gain the customers’ attention all the time.

—Jose Lorenzo Cuencar,Solutions Architect,CEMEX

Business Challenge story

CEMEX has more than 40 SAP systems across five continents. In the organization’s drive to improve its customer experience, it sought to revamp its IT architecture, which slowed delivery of customer solutions and fragmented the logistics and distribution processes. In short, CEMEX needed to deliver faster, be more agile, improve the customer journey and maximize value to customers.


CEMEX deployed IBM API Connect software and the IBM Bluemix cloud platform to facilitate a shift to a service oriented architecture based on microservices. Via APIs, CEMEX now distributes code changes automatically throughout systems worldwide. To take fullest advantage of the more flexible architecture, the company’s development teams have adopted DevOps practices based on IBM UrbanCode Build and UrbanCode Deploy software.


CEMEX can now track its fleet of more than 25,000 trucks, as well as 60,000 customer invoices, in near real time, worldwide. Additionally, customers can track deliveries from CEMEX shipping locations to job sites, again in near real time, and automatically receive transaction notifications, reducing reliance on phone calls or emails to CEMEX customer support call centers.

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud
  • Middleware
  • Solution Components

    • API Connect
    • IBM Cloud Private -API Connect
    • UrbanCode Build
    • UrbanCode Deploy