Business challenge

To keep up with increasing demand for its online video delivery and optimization technology, Cedato needed scalable cloud hosting infrastructure from a reliable—and innovative—global provider.


Choosing an IBM Cloud solution to accommodate the platform’s international reach and high‑performance technology, enabled Cedato to power production workloads with IBM Cloud Bare Metal Server infrastructure.


15 billion monthly video views

powered by Cedato operating system running on IBM Cloud technology

Scales for business growth

and triples capacity with rapid infrastructure deployment

Boosts value proposition

with trusted IBM infrastructure hosting the startup’s solutions

Business challenge story

Introducing a media-agnostic approach

In a fiercely competitive climate for online video advertising solutions, Cedato carved out a differentiated niche. The company offers a technology stack that serves as a “matchmaking” tool, connecting digital content publishers with the optimal video advertisers for driving value—across virtually any screen or platform. “Our model enables us to be completely media-agnostic and work with anyone operating in our ecosystem,” says Dvir Doron, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer for Cedato.

Releasing its video ad delivery and yield optimization solutions to overwhelming early success, the startup suddenly faced a new set of demands. “We were a small company and we grew extremely quickly,” says Doron. “We needed hosting infrastructure that would enable us to continue growing and also be reliable enough to support our services around the globe. We were looking for a partner—not just a vendor—that we could trust and that would know how to enable us in continuing to push the envelope.”

IBM really takes a partner approach to doing business with us, which is what we were looking for.

Dvir Doron, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Cedato

Transformation story

Scaling globally on an IBM Cloud platform

Cedato evaluated leading cloud hosting solutions, choosing IBM Cloud infrastructure based on the platform’s global reach and powerful bare metal server technology. “IBM Cloud was far more suitable for Cedato than any other offering in the market in terms of size and scale,” says Doron. “And IBM has a broader range of services than any other provider.”

The company provisioned IBM Cloud Infrastructure in eight IBM Cloud data centers, hosting production workloads on bare metal servers and running development workloads on virtual resources. “We’re in five data center locations in the US and three in Europe,” says Doron. “We definitely plan to expand the service to additional regions as business demands.”

Results story

Keeping up with the speed of demand

As Cedato’s rapid growth continues, the company easily scales to meet demand with IBM Cloud hosting infrastructure. “Our business metric is how many video impressions we power every month,” says Doron. “We were supporting about five billion a month before we started hosting on a IBM Cloud platform, and now we’ve tripled that number. We power 15 billion video views every month across two million sites and apps.”

The IBM Cloud solution offers the preconfigured options and accelerated infrastructure deployment the startup needs to keep up with the speed of business. “IBM has a great inventory of server configurations,” says Tomer Leicht, Vice President of Research and Development for Cedato. “This is crucial—IBM offers three times the number of options as most other companies and almost instantly provisions the servers when we place an order.”

For Cedato, the IBM brand and global reputation are helpful in underpinning its own compelling value proposition. “The fact that our products are being run and driven on an IBM-powered infrastructure seals the lid on what we’re offering and helps us close deals, especially with customers that are particularly vigilant,” says Doron. “Usually, these companies have been bitten before by services that run on other platforms with less uptime, reliability and integrity.”

Finally, Cedato’s leadership team is confident that the company’s collaborative relationship with IBM will drive continuing innovation and success. “IBM really takes a partner approach to doing business with us, which is what we were looking for,” says Doron. “We see that approach demonstrated in long-term relationship thinking, adapting to our specific needs and working with a win-win mentality.”



Established in 2015, Cedato offers an open operating system for powering digital video transactions. Delivering native video across virtually any screen, the company’s offerings help digital content publishers and advertisers improve online engagement, drive better results and boost revenue. The privately held company operates out of New York, Tel Aviv, Israel and Berlin, Germany.

Solution components

  • IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

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