Being able to have additional context around that customer has really helped us to improve response rates and be able to be more targeted with our marketing spend.

Greg Michael, Data Scientist, Carter Machinery

Business Challenge story

Carter Machinery, a construction equipment retailer in the US, required better insight into customer needs and reduce its churn rate. With the competitive landscape becoming denser, the company needed a powerful analytics solution that would help it approach the right customers at the right time.


Carter Machinery implemented IBM SPSS Modeler software and adopted a customer profile system, with bronze, silver and gold customers, as a methodology for approaching customers at the right time. Using the SPSS Modeler software to analyze sales data and customer loyalty scores, Carter Machinery can predict when a customer will be most approachable and can provide its marketing teams with actionable insight that helps improve response rates.


By implementing IBM SPSS Modeler software, Carter Machinery gained better insight into customer needs and reduced its churn rate. The new solution helped the client develop solid retention strategies that it expects to strengthen its competitive edge. Carter Machinery also reports that the new solution helped improve the targeting of its marketing expenditures.

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud