Business challenge

To deliver its car sharing solution to customers worldwide and continue evolving the service, car2go Group GmbH needed scalable IT operations and streamlined Dev/Ops processes.​


car2go migrated all running systems to IBM Cloud infrastructure and established a managed services agreement with IBM to provide DevOps capabilities from the IBM service center in Bucharest, Romania.​


Speeds time to market

with IBM Cloud resources that accelerate deployment and the release of new apps and features

Scales for growth

with IBM Cloud infrastructure that seamlessly accommodates rapid expansion worldwide

Accelerates development

by shifting to a DevOps model with the help of a unique IBM managed services arrangement ​​​​​

Business challenge story

​A game-changing concept for urban mobility

car2go formed in 2008 to bring an exciting new concept to market: a “free floating” car sharing service allowing users to instantly rent vehicles from a fleet readily available on the street and leave them anywhere within a designated service area. “We basically entered the Internet of Things before there was anything called the Internet of Things,” says Erik Bak-Mikkelsen, Head of Cloud Operations at car2go. “To develop this product for our customers, we needed global IT operations, a fast and agile way to provision IT resources, and a means of easily scaling our services.”​

Additionally, it was imperative that car2go continue adapting and evolving its offering as quickly as its customer base and changing business landscape demanded. “We wanted to be able to develop software and deploy improvements for customers faster, more efficiently and with higher quality than we were able to with a classic waterfall development model,” says Bak-Mikkelsen.

Having our flexible IBM Cloud infrastructure in place means there are virtually no limitations to what we can do.

Erik Bak-Mikkelsen, Head of Cloud Operations, car2go Group GmbH

Transformation story

Live migration to an IBM Cloud environment

Considering the full scope of its needs, car2go evaluated leading cloud platforms and chose an IBM Cloud solution. “We found that the only way to meet our needs would be to work with one of the major cloud providers,” explains Bak-Mikkelsen. “We had a need not only for cloud resources but also for additional services on top of these resources. When we put this together, it pointed us right at IBM as our preferred cloud provider.”

car2go teamed with IBM® Global Technology Services® – Outsourcing and Managed Services to migrate all running systems from its traditional data center environment to IBM Cloud infrastructure hosted in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Frankfurt, Germany. “We migrated everything live in production into the IBM Cloud,” says Bak-Mikkelsen. “We already had more than a million customers, and it was not an option to shut down the car2go business. It was a challenge, but with support from IBM, we made the move to cloud successfully, and we’ve been operating there ever since.”​

To streamline and accelerate its development processes, car2go’s IT team shifted to a DevOps model, establishing an agreement with IBM to provide DevOps capabilities and managed services from the Global Procurement Services Group delivery center in Bucharest, Romania. Additionally, the contract includes project management, strategic planning and governance services provided by an IBM team located in Germany and closely aligned with the Romanian group to support overall operational excellence.

“In our arrangement with IBM, we’ve been able to fully implement a new DevOps way of thinking, developing and operating,” says Bak-Mikkelsen. “We have an IBM team working with exactly the same tools, methods and processes as our internal development teams.”

Results story

Faster time to market and seamless business expansion

The IBM Cloud solution provides on-demand resources to help car2go speed to market with new product features and apps. “With IBM Cloud infrastructure, we have a 4-minute cycle from basic infrastructure deployment to app deployment to a customer seeing a new app on his or her smartphone,” says Bak-Mikkelsen. “The clever orchestration of IBM Cloud resources allows us to achieve improvements in speed, quality and availability.”​

Plus, with highly scalable IBM Cloud technology, car2go can seamlessly accommodate continuing business expansion. Since migrating to the IBM Cloud platform, the company has grown its business 300 percent to serve 2.7 million customers worldwide, manage a fleet of 14,000 vehicles and support rentals every 1.5 seconds. “This is a race,” says Bak-Mikkelsen. “We have to keep up with what’s happening in the market. Having our flexible IBM Cloud infrastructure in place means there are virtually no limitations to what we can do.”​

Additionally, Bak-Mikkelsen greatly values car2go’s unique services arrangement with IBM. “Our cloud migration with IBM was one of the most critical aspects of our services relationship, along with our continuing DevOps collaboration,” he says. “IBM works and functions like an extension of our team, which is not something you can find with other cloud providers and is a huge advantage for us.” ​


car2go Group GmbH

Launched as a subsidiary of global automotive leader Daimler AG, car2go offers a first-of-its-kind car sharing service that provides nearly three million members worldwide with an instant, affordable mobility solution. The organization maintains a fleet of approximately 14,000 vehicles throughout 28 cities in nine countries across Europe, North America and China. Established in 2008, car2go maintains headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. ​

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