Campbell Soup's mission is to make real food that matters for life’s moments – not just holidays and special occasions, but every day events like family dinners, gatherings of friends, or tailgate parties.

Because of this, they came to IBM Watson Advertising looking to understand consumers’ mindsets, and leverage IBM Watson in one-to-one conversations with consumers to provide the right solution to the right person at the right time.

Campbell’s collaborated with IBM Watson Advertising on the first-ever consumer use of IBM Watson technology for advertising. IBM Watson Ads lets consumers interact with the ad experience by allowing them to ask questions via voice or text and receive highly personalized information in response.

For Campbell’s, Chef Watson analyzed thousands of recipes to understand how ingredients are used in different dishes, commonly paired ingredients, and varying cooking styles. Chef Watson then combined this knowledge with machine learnings specific to the brand’s recipe library and ingredients, to generate unique recipes based on consumers’ personal tastes.

Because this first campaign was a proven success, IBM Watson Advertising and Campbell’s applied these insights into a second IBM Watson Ads campaign which launched in 2018.


  • 10K Active User Sessions (one-on-one engagements with consumers)

  • 1.9x Increase in Desktop Ingredient Submissions Rate Throughout the Campaign

  • 50% of all Recipe Shares Driven by Email

  • 27% Mobile App Video Completion Rate (VCR)

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson