Process automation allows us to obtain a lot of information about the task that we are doing and how we are doing and why we are doing this task. And this information is used by us to improve this process.

Ramon Aliaga Ugarte, Director of IT Process Automation, Caixa Bank

Business challenge

Being an organization that has automated more than four hundred processes, more than seven million instances, more than two thousand users in the process system, and counting, Caixa Bank struggled with the number of processes it had to manage, with only thirty-five thousand employees. It needed to eliminate tasks that added little value at branches. It thus recognized the need to centralize its back offices, along with the need to automate all of its business processes.


Caixa Bank automated processes with the help of IBM Business Automation Workflow, allowing them to obtain a lot of information about the task being performed, how it is being performed, and it is being performed. This information is now used by the bank to improve these processes, helping the bank in its quest for greater efficiency, and in improving customer service.

Solution Category

  • Hybrid Cloud Integration